ALL ABOUT TEETH WHITENING: You have teeth that have yellowed over time or because of coffee or tobacco, and it bothers you?


Think of teeth whitening techniques to make you a beautiful white smile. The latest trends related to dental health and aesthetics revolve around adult orthodontics and dental implants. However, it must not be forgotten that having teeth very white give a smile better.


After a whitening treatment, the teeth are whiter from 3 to 4 shades. If the teeth to be treated are in the white or yellow tones, the treatment will have a better result than if the teeth were brown or gray. These two shades are difficult to bleach. Also, if the teeth are yellow due to medications such as antibiotics or a disease, it is harder to make them completely white, but it is possible to gain some shades.


No bleaching technique can guarantee that the teeth will continue to be white for a long time and above all not eternally. Often, your teeth can remain white for up to 2 years. After this period, the teeth re-emerge again but will be still whiter than before the treatment.

You will have to repeat a treatment if you wish. A new whitening will make your teeth white as after the initial treatment! It is, therefore, an operation that lasts in time but must regularly be renewed.


For a treatment of all teeth, there is only one method which consists in applying a bleaching agent to the outside of the teeth. The product will penetrate the teeth and will bleach from the inside. There are two methods for penetrating the bleaching product:


The gutter:

The first technique is to use a whitening kit ( see here our full folder on these kits ) of the teeth to apply yourself. The product will penetrate by itself into the enamel. It is for us the best technique, and the application is made yourself at home, a few minutes a day. In 2 to 3 weeks of daily use, the result is impeccable.

All you need is a quality bleaching product and a rubber gutter to apply the product to the teeth.

Complete kits (with product and gutter) are sold on the internet around 50 € or in pharmacy around 70 € to 100 € (for the same product). You are advised to buy it online.
At Dental, we tested several of them. The one we preferred is this one from the brand Whiteacre, the reference brand in the field.

It is a complete kit. It is very easy to use, the leaflet in French is rather well explained and allows anyone to use the product efficiently. Also, unlike other kits we have tried, the product here is not at all irritating.

Finally, we found the result striking. The whiteness is visible (maybe even more than in the dentist), and this whiteness makes “natural white.”

Even after several months, the result is always visible.

This technique should, therefore, be followed a few minutes a day for about 2-3 weeks. It is necessary just to apply the product correctly, to ensure the best effectiveness of the treatment. However, if you follow the instructions correctly, it is a simple solution to use, efficient and cheaper than the dentist.

After our research on the web, we found this kit at the best price on the Amazon site. It is currently on sale at 65 $ (24% discount) with free shipping (click on the link below). It is also much cheaper than the price we paid for it in pharmacy (about double)

Click here to see this kit at best price on Amazon

The strips:

There is also a cheaper technique (about 25 $) of whitening strips to stick on the teeth. It consists in applying the strips and then allowing to act for 1 hour.

Even if we prefer the gutter model, we have tested this strip system, and we find it compelling. The results are visible fairly quickly with regular application. They are simple to use, and the primary asset is its value for money. Simply stick them to the teeth, well press and wait for the time indicated by the manufacturer.

If you want to know more about the teeth whitening kits, we invite you to consult our complete file ( click here ). We have tested for your different products, and we tell you which ones work and which ones to avoid at all costs

To know more about these kits, it is there!


The second technique must be carried out by a specialist. The dentist will use a laser or non-laser light to help the bleaching product penetrate faster into the tooth. The product is always the same as for the first technique but more concentrated. Thanks to its waves, the light stimulates the product and enlarges the pores, enabling the product to penetrate quickly inside the tooth. This technique is much appreciated because faster, and we see effects less than an hour after.

Also, only one session is enough, and your teeth are instantly white.

On the other hand, this solution is much more expensive (400 $ to 800$), and the effects do not last any longer contrary to what one might think.
Indeed, despite the beneficial action of the lamp, the bleaching product is in contact with the inside of the teeth for less than about 1 hour.

However, if you do not feel alone applying a whitening kit and want an immediate result, this is a very useful method to regain the radiance of your teeth quickly.
Often the dentist will combine the two techniques to know to do a session at the clinic with a lamp and then continue with a gutter at home. Note that this combination does not allow to have teeth whiter, but the effects will last longer.


Prices vary widely from one specialist to another. For a gutter, count between 50 and 100 $ depending on the type.
(The products that work and that we recommend in our complete test on bleaching kits cost between 10 $ and 65 $ on Amazon)

For a treatment with a lamp in the dentist, this extends between 400 and 800 $ the session.

Important: You should know that this is not reimbursed by the Healthcare system nor by most of the complementary healthcare. It is indeed considered as an aesthetic care and not a medical act.

However, some mutual societies are starting to take charge of a laundering per year, up to 400 $.

If you are considering a whitening at the dentist, check beforehand the mutuals that could take care of it.

To help you, we have put in place the comparator, below, to find out which ones best repay money laundering. It is fast, free and allows to limit the expenses if you envisage the operation with the dentist


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