Coconut oil for teeth whitening: the technique of oil pulling


coconut oil for teeth whitening: the technique of oil pulling

Coconut oil could help you … Want to whiten your teeth and have a good breath?

coconut oil for teeth whitening: the technique of oil pulling
coconut oil for teeth whitening: the technique of oil pulling

White teeth like coconut pulp!

You regret your baby teeth and wonder how stars make for a Colgate smile? Rest assured! First, because growing up, your baby teeth have fallen, and then because the stars are using teeth whitening techniques that may not leave a lot as they get older. However, it is not uncommon to hear some celebrities boast about ” oil pulling,” a kind of mouthwash with coconut oil (or others like sesame, argan, etc.).

Coconut oil to whiten teeth: what’s the point?

To “clean” plaque that is responsible for the phenomenon of yellow teeth or bad breath (but this is not always the case for bad breath, it can also come from what you eat, for example). In short, the mouthwash with coconut oil would significantly reduce the presence of bacteria.

Coconut oil to whiten teeth, how does it work?

The technique of oil pulling is quite simple: you take a spoonful of coconut oil that you put in your mouth. Then you use this coconut oil as mouthwash: you keep it in your mouth for a good quarter of an hour by passing it between your teeth. You spit it out, and you can brush your teeth with your usual toothpaste.

The coconut oil you find in the trade has a solid form below 23 ° C on average. You can lightly heat it to become a beautiful liquid oil. Be careful not to swallow the oil and not spit it out in the sink – prefer the toilet – not to block it.

Why is coconut oil a sensation today?

In the past, sesame oil was used to practice oil pulling. However, the oil has proven to be even more effective for its anti-bacterial virtues, among others. Some see it as an excellent alternative to traditional mouthwashes containing chemical agents or dyes. Also, stars have begun to share their trick of pulling – hiding obviously having done a whitening at the dentist beforehand, ah ah. Gwyneth Paltrow and Nina Dobrev, for example, would like to use coconut oil to whiten their teeth.

The practice of Oil Pulling to whiten teeth with coconut oil

A good oil pulling is to take a tablespoon of coconut vegetable oil to make the mouthwash for about 10-20 minutes each morning. As it takes all the same crazy time (already that brushing teeth for 3 minutes … it is long!), Some do it during their shower to save time. In any case, it is better to liquefy the oil in a bain-marie rather than directly in your mouth; the sensation will be less … disgusting. FYI, Coconut oil melts above 25 ° C.

Once in your mouth, Coconut Oil requires at least 10 minutes to act as a natural cleaning agent on your teeth and gum. After 2 to 4 weeks of practice, you should see a definite difference in your dentition.

In fact, for the record, this practice comes from Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine (which means “The science of life”) officially promoted since 2014 by the Indian Ministry of … Yoga (yes!). It is, therefore, an alternative and natural medicine in the West of which we have many things to learn.

Why this craze for coconut oil?

It is in the 90s, in India, that enthusiasm begins to spread: an Indian newspaper publishes a survey (with 1041 people) on the effects of oil pulling already practiced by many people in this country. Although this is not a scientific study, a litany of benefits for our body could be drawn from this survey (various pains, respiratory system, skin, digestion, joints, blood circulation …). It is only later in 2012 that the oil pulling with Coconut oil makes its buzz among the Western public following the testimony of American stars who engage in this practice.

The precise action of coconut oil on your teeth

Lauric acid, antimicrobial against tartar

Like any living thing on our little planet, it is all a matter of molecules (you know, these little things composed of at least two atoms ;-)). Each molecule must fulfill a mission, and this is where the coconut oil comes in with its own. Indeed, the latter contains mostly lauric acid, also called dodecanoic acid (do not be modest, you know it!). Note also that to be effective; your Coconut oil must be dosed between 40% and 55%. Otherwise, your oil may well not affect (and you can return to see your seller who has had you! ).

Since lauric acid is antimicrobial, it will destroy the microbes and bacteria in your mouth, including Streptococcus mutans, which causes the yellow plaque created by dental plaque that your toothbrush can not remove. The lauric acid also eliminates your risk of cavities and gives you fresh breath.

As usual, the actions of essential oils are usually more powerful than the work of a single vegetable oil, we have also created a synergy of 3 essential oils to mix with your usual toothpaste. You can click here to find out: synergy of essential oils to whiten teeth.

Coconut oil removes toxins.

Then you must know that coconut oil is lipophilic, which means that it will attract other fats containing toxins that your mouth contains and that usually permeate into your body through your oral mucosa. So do not make the mistake of swallowing your mouthwash with coconut oil …

To conclude, pay attention to your diet

Here you can now also test the daily oil pulling with coconut oil. However, this should not prevent you from adopting the good reflexes against the yellow teeth. The latter is often due to many factors that you have nothing to do with it (such as heredity or certain antibiotics that you could have eaten during your childhood), but they are more often because of your diet: red wine, coffee, tea, sodas, blueberries … and tobacco of course. It is up to you to act where you can!

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