Diy teeth whitening at home


Diy teeth whitening at home: Whether it is a simple aesthetic desire or a real need, One asks a thousand questions about the whitening of the teeth. Moreover, since we care about your beautiful smile, we reveal to you various solutions, from the most rudimentary to the most radical, and especially for all exchanges. Make your choice!

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Diy teeth whitening at home
Diy teeth whitening at home

Food: this is a major factor in staining of teeth. The darker the drink, the more enamel they will try, like tea, coffee or soft drinks. On the other hand, know that some are good whiteness allies like broccoli, lettuce, spinach thanks to the protective film that creates on our teeth during their tasting but also the celery, the carrots, the cucumber and the pears which have enough Of fibers to effect the result of natural tooth brushing.The strawberry also acts on the whiteness because it contains a natural compound that acts on the white of the dentition. However, they alone can have only a minimal effect on the color of the teeth.

Diy teeth whitening at home: The Lemon

Reduction of tartar, fresh breath, reinforcement of the gums, white teeth.The benefits of the lemon are multiple! They are mainly due to its acidity and abrasive action. Be sure to choose a real lemon juice (not flavored), if possible freshly squeezed.

Instructions: Brush gently and then rinses with clear water.

Caution: this solution must be used twice per week maximum. It should not be forgotten that this citrus fruit is acid and that it can damage the email of the teeth. It can be mixed with other products (see section on how to make toothpaste below).

We often sell the whitening properties of lemon. This is supposed to whiten teeth and reduce stains from coffee, tobacco, etc. In addition to being 100% natural, this solution is also cheap.

In front of so many positive points, I was tempted by experience. After 15 days use lemon juice one time every two days, I noticed that … Lemon juice is abrasive, my gums have suffered.  Moreover, I did not have any results …

Used too frequently lemon fragilizes the enamel of the teeth. Indeed, even if it is a 100% natural method, it should be forgotten that lemon juice is neither more nor less than citric acid. Moreover, it is precisely acid attacks that weaken the enamel.  However, I think used once or twice a week reduces the risk.

I am therefore very disappointed with my experience that I will not renew.

Diy teeth whitening at home: Baking soda

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate (thank you for the chemistry course) has many virtues, including that of teeth whitening.  When you hear “soda,” we can say that this is a product “toxic,” well no baking soda are not hazardous  to health.  It is also frequently used in food.

The best toothpaste contains it. It is one of the best products for teeth whitening and can be utilized daily. Put some of this natural product on your brush and wash your teeth as usual. You just have to rinse. It is not recommended to use both your traditional toothpaste and bicarbonate. The abrasive power would be too strong, which could damage your teeth.

This lovely white powder is available in supermarkets, and it costs cheap. Such a good point.

Let’s go back to our subject: teeth whitening. I used baking soda once every two days for 15 days. I sprinkle some bicarbonate with my toothpaste and brush my teeth frequently. Once the teeth clean, I tried a little personal technique:

I have a tooth protector made from the molding of my teeth (I had it by my orthodontist when I was wearing a dental appliance), on which I sprinkle bicarbonate. I let it take about 5 minutes, then I rinse my mouth.

First of all, although much sites recommend a daily use, I find that it attacks the gums which for my part have become a little red (less than with lemon). Moreover, so I guess if it damages the gums, too often used the baking soda can also damage the tooth enamel.

At the level of effectiveness, I found that my teeth were a little whiter. I  won a white hue. Nothing blatant or revolutionary but that is already it.

Diy teeth whitening at home: The charcoal

The Less obvious natural solution, it has been used for centuries in several countries like India! You can buy them in pharmacy. Pour a little-powdered charcoal into a cup before dipping a cotton swab into it. You can then apply it to the teeth and rinse with clear water. Here too, do not use your conventional toothpaste to avoid increasing the abrasive action.

It is applied directly on our toothbrush with our regular toothpaste or a moistened cotton swab and then spread the mixture onto the teeth. The result is almost immediate, but this technique should not be used more twice a week.

Diy teeth whitening at home: Saltwater

it is also a most convincing deemed solution: make the mouthwash with coarse sea salt mixed with warm water. A method to be carried out three times per week maximum. Which has the advantage of being antiseptic and antifungal thanks to its high iodine content?

Diy teeth whitening at home: Coconut oil

a gargle for 20 minutes at least once a day also affects the whiteness of the teeth and has anti-bacterial properties. Gwyneth Paltrow is a follower The right lipstick shade: if you have teeth that shifted toward yellow banish plum or orange tones. It is preferable to opt for pearly hues with bluish or pinkish reflections.

Diy teeth whitening at home:  Make your whitening toothpaste

Moreover, why not make your toothpaste home? Several possible recipes.

First method:

You need to:

  • Sea salt
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Ginger powder coffee
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • A small container

At the level of quantities: You will need half a teaspoon of fine sea salt, two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate, three drops of peppermint essential oil and half a spoon Coffee powdered ginger.

The mixture: Mix everything in a container that you can close. You only have to moisten your toothbrush and put your toothpaste 100% home.

Diy teeth whitening at home: Another method with green clay or baking

You can mix natural products. Start by putting one of its two products on your toothbrush before putting a tangerine or lemon tangerine. After brushing, make mouthwash.

Diy teeth whitening at home: A whiteness of treatment with bicarbonate and lemon

To make your teeth bright and white, mix juice of half a lemon with 70g of baking soda. The results should appear after one week.

Do not hesitate to send us your tips for having white teeth!

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