How to Bleach False Teeth


How to Bleach False Teeth

As with natural teeth, dentures can deteriorate and stain. However, unlike the former, prostheses should not use the same cleaning products and methods, as they need other care to protect the acrylic that makes up these teeth.

With the simple steps that follow, you will get a radiant smile without stains of coffee, tea or tobacco. Let’s see how to launder false teeth in a convenient and comfortable way.

How to Bleach False Teeth
How to Bleach False Teeth

Instructions :

1.First, we recommend using toothpaste. Remove your false teeth and soak them in a glass of cold water. Then put your regular toothpaste on a toothbrush, preferably with soft bristles to avoid damaging the teeth, which are fragile. Then start slowly brushing without pressing too much, as this can cause cracks and marks on the acrylic. Then rinse the teeth with water.

2.If this is not enough to get an optimal whitening for your dentures, try the following trick very handy three times a week because it will help keep them bacteria free and spotlessly white.

In a glass of cold water, put 10 grams of baking soda and put the teeth inside carefully. After half an hour, remove them from the cup, rinse them thoroughly with cold water and gently dry them with a towel. Finally, put adhesive glue on the prostheses and bring them in the mouth.

3.Use baking soda to brush teeth: it is an abrasive that quickly removes stains. To perform cleaning, first, select the brush that is best suited for this type of denture. Then, moisten it, add the baking soda, then gently brush all the teeth.

4.Another simple tip: squeeze a lemon to clean the dentures with its juice. To do this, use a prosthesis brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush, as we pointed out earlier, and soak it in lemon juice to rub on the dental prosthesis. In this way and thanks to citric acid, you will be able to remove stains of coffee and tobacco.

Finally, as mentioned in the tips above, rinse the teeth with cold water to cancel all traces of lemon, because citrus fruit as loud can damage the dentures. Also, if you do not have lemon at home, you can choose to perform this procedure using distilled vinegar, and repeat the operation once a week.

How To Use Sage To Bleach Teeth

If you are looking for homemade tricks to have white teeth, you are in the right place because on genf20guide we offer you various natural methods to achieve it. In addition to bleaching products such as bicarbonate, it is also possible to use certain plants, such as sage leaves, for beautiful black nose teeth. Read this article carefully, and you will know how to use sage to whiten teeth .

Instructions :

1.It must first be emphasized that, in addition to its culinary use, sage is also used for medical purposes, because of its many curative properties, good for the organism. Moreover, its diuretic, carminative and digestive properties make it an excellent ally for weight loss.

2.Thus, there are various ways to use sage to whiten teeth. You can choose the one you prefer or combine several to choose the one that suits you best. In any case, you will need to use the sage leaves. It can be absorbing to grow sage in your home, in a pot or your garden or kitchen garden.

3.One of the most common methods to whiten teeth is to take the sage leaves and rub them directly on your teeth after washing them. If you prefer, you can also chew them. It is recommended to do this at night, after brushing your teeth and before going to bed. It is essential to be constant and to apply this method daily to achieve visible results.

4.Otherwise, you can opt for sage infusions to rinse your mouth or make gargles. In this way, you will be sure that the active ingredient of the sage reaches all the corners of your mouth and, therefore, your teeth. To make this infusion, you will need only a few leaves of this plant and boiling water.

5.Another method of using sage for tooth whitening is to wash sage leaves and then put them in the oven to dehydrate and dry them. Once dry, chop the sage leaves so you can mix them with your toothpaste. Then brush your teeth as usual.


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