How to make your teeth whiter with braces


How to make your teeth whiter with braces : Many of you may experience discolored teeth, which could be due to rises. However, the truth is here, my teeth all lack of proper care. You need to pay more attention to them; Brush them often, dental floss them and make sure to gargle each time after the meal. However, here are some tips for whitening teeth with braces.

How to make your teeth whiter with braces
How to make your teeth whiter with braces
  • Buy a fluoride foaming toothpaste so that you get into places where you can not use the toothbrush. (Use an iso-active toothpaste and foaming fluoride toothpaste. )

    How to make your teeth whiter with braces
    How to make your teeth whiter with braces

This will come in all areas that brushes can not. You can also see that a fluoride toothpaste will make your teeth whiter than those that use ordinary toothpaste. It would be even better if you use toothpaste that protects more hours. Personally, I suggest Colgate Total 12 Hours of Protection.

  • Always wash your teeth after eating so will not stain yellow when storing the equipment.
  • Use floss to clean under the machine by adding to the wire toothpaste for the cleaner.
  • Use a mouthwash, morning and evening and do not eat for 20 minutes after using it to make it work.
  • If you have a color camera creates a contrast with your teeth which makes them whiter. Alternatively, choose a yellow device to make it look less yellow your teeth, same for the lipstick.
  • Chew on apples and strawberries.

How many of you knew these fruits are the natural teeth whitening agents? They work wonders on discolored teeth. However, make sure to brush your teeth after eating particular strawberries, as they can strip the enamel.

  • Baking soda to the rescue.

    How to make your teeth whiter with braces
    How to make your teeth whiter with braces

We all know that baking soda, probably whitening almost everything. It works the same with your teeth too. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda and salt in a cup of hot water. Use it to rinse your mouth. It will whiten your teeth naturally. Moreover, again, make sure you wash afterward.

However, he did not encourage using whitening strips and gels. This can lead to uneven results gels will not be able to reach the points blocked by the brackets. Moreover, remember to wear even later, they are important to keep your teeth in its new position. Fermi prevents teeth from returning to its former condition. However, I remember that you can always be bothersome for the first few weeks. You will somehow get used to them later, as I did!

How to make your teeth whiter with braces: ADVICE

  • Do not use bleach strips. You will have squares on your teeth when you take the device.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day, use mouthwash in the evening, floss in the morning and rinse your mouth after eating.
  • Buy at the pharmacy a few wind instruments suitable for cleaning the material with teeth to keep your teeth clean and fresh.
  • Make sure the material is not broken or missing a bit of hook when you leave the orthodontist. If your orthodontist does not give you precise directions, you will need to brush your teeth only in the morning and in the evening, using dental floss in the evening. Six uses chewing gum buys sugar.
  • Do not drink soft drinks if you bring the appliance! These acid drinks can leave traces on your teeth that are visible when you remove the device. Use floss after meals.
  • Do not eat sugary foods even if they try so much!

More importantly, having fun Get braces. There you can accessorize. They have different colors of stripes put on. Consider them like a jewel and not be shy to smile and be confident in wearing lipstick while adding a bright shine to the lips. It will be a tough trip, but the result is worth it.

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