How to straighten your teeth without braces


How to straighten your teeth without braces: A poor teenager growing teeth are often for her not only aesthetic but also a psychological problem. Unfortunately, the means of her solution in most cases similar and are reduced long-term smoothing plates (wear brackets) Even in the environment of children are often a cause of ridiculous. Can you straighten your strapless teeth and how to do it?

How to straighten your teeth without braces
How to straighten your teeth without braces

Today there are three primary ways to straighten teeth without braces: using veneers, caps, and trainers. It is interesting to note that each of them can also be used to correct defects in the teeth Are not only adolescents but also adults.Method of Occlusion

Using veneers is to install on the teeth of the individual thin plates and is used mainly to straighten the front (anterior) teeth. Modern medicine allows you to define veneers without painful procedure to turn teeth, which has

They are fixed using dental cement containing unique fluoride, preventing its degradation by saliva.

Cape is translucent overlays that specify the desired direction of tooth growth and micro-movements. A distinctive feature of the cap is that at the time of oral hygiene or ingestion they can be removed and then remitted.Caps discreet In the mouth of the man.Time end occlusion ranging from three months to a year and a half – two years.Silicone device

To straighten the teeth was named trainer. Unlike the previous methods, it not only corrects the direction of tooth growth, but also eliminates the root causes of these abnormalities such as swallowing, mouth breathing, speech, and so on.

Also, in some cases, it is possible to align the teeth surgically, but this method, besides the big injuries, dangerous complications even possible postoperative: infections, allergic reactions, medical error, etc.

Unfortunately, severe bite defects, especially in adults, without the use of braces is almost unreal. Therefore, to assess the degree of pathology and treatment should choose a doctor with a sufficiently high qualification. Otherwise, all efforts And the money spent on treatments can be unnecessary.

How to straighten your teeth without braces:

Braces are the most common way to straighten teeth, but wearing them can be a long and painful process. There are ways to get that perfect smile without the use of braces, so braces are not for you, then one of these other methods may be the ideal solution. Read on to determine if any of these free teeth straightening options is right for you.

  • Invisalign instead of traditional braces. The Invisalign system uses a series of retaining noses as the shape of your teeth. Results usually take about a year to get. Note, however, that this method works best for those whose tooth misalignment is relatively minor.
  • Have facets applied to your teeth to instantly cover old imperfections and give you a perfect smile without sharp teeth straightening at all? Veneers are porcelain and composite, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If this is an option you are interested in, talk with your dentist who plating would be best for you.
  • Go for cosmetic remodeling if you have problems with teeth overcrowding. This process, which is relatively painless, involves reshaping your teeth through a series of procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist. The process usually requires 1 to 3 visits to your dentist.

    How to straighten your teeth without braces
    How to straighten your teeth without braces
  • Choose a removable orthodontic device if the amount of correction required is limited. This technique usually only works on top teeth. There are some other rather substantial disadvantages to this method, and not everyone will be a candidate, but it may be a viable option for someone who wants to avoid braces.
  • Ask your dentist or orthodontist if your teeth can be corrected just by wearing a specially designed restraint. This method only works for someone who needs minor corrections. Someone who has already had braces but has experienced some lag in teeth can be a good candidate for this.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you decide that braces are the right choice for you but still want something a little less visible, try going for braces or the bright ones that are placed at the back of the teeth.
  • Braces, for the most part, are still the quickest and most efficient way to straighten the teeth, especially if the degree of misalignment of the teeth is moderate to severe. Ask your dentist or orthodontist about the method of tooth restoration that will work best for you.

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