How to whiten teeth fast naturally


how to whiten teeth fast naturally

All you need to know about having white teeth: how to whiten them, and the foods that help keep them white or stain them.

how to whiten teeth fast naturally
how to whiten teeth fast naturally

Over time, the teeth turn yellow or stain. These discomforts are accentuated if you have severe habits (too sweet food, cigarette, massive consumption of coffee, tea, etc.) and if your enamel is very porous. Do not panic, however, to find teeth whiter and healthier without breaking the bank, you just need to apply the following tips, and to know the foods that make the teeth white or stain.

Whiter teeth naturally

Different methods of natural whitening.

There are various natural teeth whitening techniques that can easily and quickly achieve excellent results.

  • There are several solutions to directly whiten teeth, while others suggest using a natural white toothpaste.
  • Most tips for natural teeth whitening is to add a mild abrasive agent to your toothpaste.
  • Good to know: these techniques are probably useful, but they should not be renewed too frequently because we risk damaging the enamel, even if it is light abrasives.

Natural tooth whitening techniques

Sodium bicarbonate can efficiently whiten teeth at a lower cost.
Like many other natural abrasive products, it removes surface stains.
This is, for example, the case with salt. The disadvantage of the latter is to be extremely corrosive and thus to damage the enamel. Sodium bicarbonate does not have this significant drawback and can, therefore, be used with more serenity.

Some natural abrasives (in ascending order):

  • the lemon ;
  • clay;
  • the fine sea salt.

It is also possible to rub his teeth with a sage leaf in the evening, once a week.

Natural recipes for having white teeth

There are some unique recipes that make it possible to have white teeth in an entirely natural way.

Mixes with toothpaste

In particular, to mix with toothpaste:

  • a drop of essential oil of Tea tree or Citrus Limonum;
  • powdered charcoal (be careful to rinse your mouth thoroughly!).

Recipe of natural toothpaste

To make your white toothpaste follow the following herbalism recipe:

  • mix one tablespoon dried and crushed orange peel;
  • One teaspoon of dried and crushed sage;
  • One teaspoon of baking soda;
  • One teaspoon of fine salt;
  • Five drops of lemon essential oil (Citrus Limonum);
  • One drop of peppermint essential oil (Mentha piperita).

Mix everything in the blender to obtain toothpaste that can be used daily to get white teeth or keep them for a long time.
For those who suffer from gum problems, it is possible to add 15 drops of myrrh mother tincture to this mixture.

Professional tooth whitening recipe

Finally, let’s mention a recipe that is not entirely natural but offers remarkable results. Indeed, it is directly inspired by professional bleaching products because it contains hydrogen peroxide (which is nothing other than hydrogen peroxide, easy to get in pharmacy).

Because of the risks related to the ingurgitation of the product, it is necessary to practice this method only very episodically (one week per month maximum).

Also, the surrounding tissues may be irritated as a result of this practice. In this case, suspend the application.

Finally, hydrogen peroxide is a highly oxidizing product that can damage the gums when used too frequently.

Prepare a mixture comprising:

  • a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide;
  • half a glass of water.

After carefully brushing your teeth, immerse the toothbrush in the preparation and sprinkle the bristles with sodium bicarbonate.

After brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with the remaining mixture and again with pure water.

Important: Be sure to follow the safety instructions.

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