What causes yellow teeth


What causes yellow teeth: Teeth are essential for chewing and swallowing food. Canines, incisors, premolars, molars: each tooth has a correct function. Although the problem of “yellow” teeth is predominantly aesthetic, it can be a discomfort for the person with it and complicate it. However, a complex can hinder self-confidence, relationship to others, an individual’s potential for seduction and sociability.

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What causes yellow teeth
What causes yellow teeth

What causes yellow teeth: Causes of yellow teeth

One of the leading causes of yellow teeth is the lack of oral hygiene.

  • Lack of hygiene: the lack of dental cleaning is the primary cause of this disorder. Many children or older adults brush their teeth in the morning, but not before they go to bed.  To maintain a white, it is essential to floss Morns eating and brushing teeth at least twice daily. Dental floss and brushing are necessary to remove plaque and substances that produce stains. The cleaning also helps prevent cavities and bad breath.
  • Genetic factors: whether from childhood teeth are yellow; the reason may be related to a genetic disease. It is possible to consult the dentist to understand how to whiten teeth naturally. The dentist can teach to whiten teeth at home. The genetic factors that cause a weak dental structure of birth cause yellow teeth even if the child brushes them.
    An example of a weak tooth structure is enamel (the hard surface of teeth) or dentine (the under-enamel layer) formed poorly.
  • Food and Beverage: taking too many sugary drinks can remove the transparent enamel.
    Excessive intake of sugars (cakes, chocolate, desserts, sweetened fruit juices, drinks, etc.) can remove the outer layer of the teeth, which can turn yellow.
    Another important cause is caffeine. People who often drink tea or coffee have teeth much more yellow than others. The saliva becomes more acidic (the ph decreases), and it promotes the erosion of the enamel. The lack of vitamins A, C, and D is another food cause of the disorder. Vomiting can erode the teeth enamel, due to its acidity.
  • Diseases: this situation can be caused by a disease that affects the enamel and dentin. Many diseases can cause yellow teeth. Sometimes treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy can suddenly yellow teeth. Pregnant women should take care of themselves because during pregnancy infections can cause yellow teeth in the baby during the development period of the enamel.
  • Dental devices: first, braces do not cause discoloration of teeth. However, those wearing appliances should remember that intensification of cleaning is necessary to guarantee the optimal health of the white pearl color of the teeth. Poor dental health can yellow the teeth. After removing the orthosis (e.g., the Invisalign), the dentist may recommend a treatment bleaching.
  • Alcohol and tobacco: the nicotine from cigarettes causes yellow teeth. Tobacco can even cause black teeth over time. The electronic cigarette does not cause yellow teeth like the regular cigarette because it does not contain many carcinogens that are found in other cigarettes. Avoid chewing tobacco and even drinking too much red wine. By avoiding these foods and drinks, one can surely avoid going to the dentist for a dental cleaning.
  • Trauma: Trauma or injury can damage internal parts of one or more teeth. Even a fall may compromise the process of enamel formation during the growth of young children. This can cause yellow teeth. Caries can also cause a yellowish or black color.
  • Age: in the same way that the hair turns gray, the teeth could also turn yellow due to age.
    In general, it is normal that the elderly lose the natural color and develop spots on the teeth.
  • Effects of medications: certain antibiotics or other drugs can cause changes in the color of teeth, such as Augmentin (amoxicillin) and tetracycline. Excessive intake of medication should always be avoided. Fluorine-containing mouthwashes can cause yellow or brown teeth on prolonged use.

    What causes yellow teeth: Yellow teeth in children: causes and remedies

One of the causes of yellow teeth more frequently diagnosed wrong way is the presence of a thin enamel. Enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth, which is not only the hardest structure of the human body, but it even gives the white color of the teeth. In enamel, there is dentin, which is slightly yellowish and sensitive to heat and cold. Some children have a little coating by nature or sometimes polish refines due to food, too vigorous brushing of teeth or gassed drinks.

  • Stains: Some children have poor oral hygiene which can cause yellow teeth. In this case, since the children do not take care of their teeth, the latter often have tartar or plaque. This can be seen especially in children who wear orthodontic appliances because oral hygiene becomes involved. In these cases, tooth brushing twice a day is not enough.
  • Medications: internal or external stains
    Some drugs stain teeth. These could create stains inside or outside the teeth, which can cause yellowing or black spots. A common cause is a tetracycline. Tetracycline is an antibiotic used to treat several diseases. However, one of the main side effects of tetracycline is to cause yellow teeth in children. Indeed studies show that when a pregnant woman takes tetracycline, this can affect the teeth that will appear in the mouth of the child.Today in this way we know the causes and remedies for yellow teeth. There are other relatively rare causes, among which are congenital diseases such as amelogenesis imperfect or dentinogenesis imperfect. Although people often ignore the problems of milk teeth as they are meant to fall, however, if an infection is causing spots on the teeth, this could also spread to the underlying permanent tooth.

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