6 Natural Remedies For Painful Gums


6 Natural Remedies For Painful Gums

Do you suffer from inflammation of the gums? When microbes and bacteria accumulate in the mouth, it is possible that certain conditions such as caries, periodontal disease and inflammation of the gums appear. The gingivitis is a relatively common condition that involves inflammation of the gums which can cause bleeding or sharp pain. If left untreated, the situation can worsen, and gingivitis can degenerate into periodontitis which can cause loss of the affected tooth. In this article of everything, we will unveil the home remedies against inflamed gums. They will help you have a healthy mouth and a radiant smile.

6 Natural Remedies For Painful Gums
6 Natural Remedies For Painful Gums

Instructions :

1.It is easy to know if you have gingivitis because this condition has some characteristic symptoms. For example, any condition affecting the mouth will alter the smell of your mouth: you will have bad breath whatever you do. However, the most obvious symptom is when you touch your gums: they will be red or swollen.

As you have already said, when brushing your teeth, you may spit some blood. This is because the gums are sick. You will need to treat them as soon as possible. Also, you may also have trouble when you chew, have very sensitive teeth, and so on.

2.To combat all these symptoms, it is essential that you make an appointment with a dentist to tell you the treatment to follow. If you wish, you can complete the treatment with home remedies that we indicate below. The first is one of the best known (and useful). It involves making the mouthwash with hot water and salt since the saline has antiseptic properties that also help to improve blood circulation. This will reduce the inflammation.

To do this, simply mix one tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. Heat the salt water, so it is lukewarm (never hot) and makes two mouthings a day until you notice an improvement.

3.Another remedy for gum inflammation is a lemon because it is a fruit with anti-inflammatory, but also antiseptic properties, which reduces swelling and discomfort. To enjoy the healing properties of the lemon, mix the juice of half a lemon with water. Heat the water until it is warm. Then, make mouthwash. You can repeat this operation 2 or 3 times a day, and you will gradually see an improvement.

4.You can also enjoy the benefits of tea. The tannic acid it contains acts as a natural antiseptic that disinfects the area and speeds up the healing process. Also, if you combine these benefits with those of honey, which has antibacterial properties, you will have a very efficient and perfect solution to fight infection.

To do this, you will need to put a tea bag in boiling water and let steep for 10 minutes. Next, wait for a little until the water cools down and add a teaspoon of honey. When the infusion is lukewarm, apply the solution to the gums with a cotton swab. Use this remedy after brushing the teeth to make it more useful.

5.The aloe vera is also a good choice to naturally cure inflammation of the gums. Know that this plant has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to regenerate the cells of your body. Thus, it accelerates healing. Additionally, as it acts as an analgesic, it will relieve the pain and discomfort that may appear with this condition.

The best way to enjoy all these benefits is to apply a little gel of aloe vera on the gums. If you do not have a gel, you can cut a piece of the plant and rub your gums with the gel that is inside. You can repeat this operation several times a day, especially when your mouth is clean.

6.Another effective natural remedy for gum inflammation is to use the benefits of bicarbonate and especially its ability to cure the teeth. It helps to whiten teeth and contributes to eliminating bacteria that build up in the mouth. Also, this product also helps remove plaque, which helps reduce inflammation and discomfort.

To enjoy its properties, you will have to mix a little bit of baking soda with mineral water and massage the gums with this mixture. A trick is to put this paste on a toothbrush so that the mouth, as a whole, benefits from its healing properties.

7.Finally, another remedy for inflammation of the gums is Cayenne pepper. It is an ingredient full of health benefits and is also indicated for treating oral diseases. Pepper stimulates blood circulation in the gums, eliminating bacteria that are difficult to remove by other methods such as mouthwash or dental floss.

To take advantage of its properties, you can choose to add a few drops of pepper extract to your toothbrush or, if you prefer, apply Cayenne pepper directly to your gums with light circular motions.

8.Once gum inflammation is cured, you will need to consider some changes in your habits. They will help you prevent gingivitis and have excellent oral health. We will reveal them here:

  • Brush your teeth after each meal to remove residues and leftover food that over time cause bacteria to proliferate.
  • Use dental floss once a day (especially at night) to remove dental plaque from the gums.
  • Take mouthwash once a day to reach the areas of your mouth that you can not reach with a toothbrushing.
  • Make regular appointments with your dentist to perform a scaling, which will get rid of the plaque between the teeth.


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