Essential oils for mouth ulcers


Essential oils for mouth ulcers: Small aches and pains, however unpleasant and sometimes very painful, canker sores affect between 40 and 60% of the population, on a regular or anecdotal basis. They are small ulcers appearing in the mouth (gums, inside of the lips and cheeks, tongue or palate).

Essential oils for mouth ulcers
Essential oils for mouth ulcers

Stop the canker sores that disturb us so much !!

Canker sores are small wounds that usually form on the buccal mucosa; They are also called superficial ulcers. The causes of the appearance of canker sores are multiple: injury caused by surgery, fatigue, infection, consumption of certain foods rich in histamines (nuts, pineapples, crustaceans …). If you are regularly subject to canker sores, other causes are possible: smoking, immune or digestive dysfunction, vitamin or mineral deficiencies … Whether inside the lips, cheeks, around the gums or on the tongue, They disturb and hurt; You must get rid of it!

No worries, Essential oils for mouth ulcers are there to rescue you and quickly get rid of these very painful ulcers!

Essential oils against mouth sores

Essential oils are safe remedies for canker sores. The anti-infectious properties of the essential oil of the tea tree are mainly recognized for this type of ailments, also taking care of those related to the respiratory tract. Mix a drop of tea tree essential oil with two drops of hazelnut vegetable oil, and apply the solution obtained three times a day on the aphthous. In a few days, this one will have disappeared. This technique also works with other blends, including clove essential oil with sesame vegetable oil, or noble laurel essential oil diluted in vegetable oil. These methods help to calm the pain and facilitate healing.

In the form of infusions to drink several times a day, sage leaves are also a good remedy, as are the fresh basil leaves whose pure power is released during chewing.
Common sense and grandmother remedies for mouth ulcers
More typical, mouthwashes also work very well: a teaspoon of green clay, bicarbonate of soda or sea water poured into a glass of water, or a cachet of aspirin in water, lukewarm water. More radical, lemon or vinegar affixed directly to the canker with a cotton swab! Among the ancient remedies, the application directly to the infection of a sachet of black tea already used can also favor the disappearance of the pain. In all cases, you should avoid consuming foods and drinks that support the appearance of canker sores: alcohol, spices, dried fruits (nuts) or acid, gruyere, and vinegar, among others.


YES. Adults, teenagers, and children over six years.
NO. Pregnant and nursing mothers, children under 6 and babies.


Beware, people with epilepsy should seek medical advice before using this synergy.

* These precautions apply in the conditions of application and dosage mentioned opposite. If in doubt, ask your question on our forum and consult your doctor.

Buccal ulcers, which are widespread in the population, are wounds that form on the surface of the oral mucosa. Canker sores, better known to the general public, are part of the family of shallow ulcers. Several factors are causing ulceration: fresh wounds inside the mouth, fatigue, stress, food allergy, vitamin, and mineral deficiency, certain medications, impaired immune system … Described as Red on the outline and white inside, they can be very painful and annoy you when you eat. The treatment of pain associated with oral ulcers requires several measures: an adaptation of the diet (avoid acidic and salty foods), slow chewing, Essential oil of Tea Tree diluted with a little water to spit. It is also possible to envisage putting a drop on the toothbrush before washing teeth, and this until improvement.


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