Home remedies for sensitive teeth


Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Sensitive teeth (or dentin hypersensitivity) are often the result of worn teeth enamel or a gingival recession that causes exposure to the dental root.

If you have sensitive teeth, brushing teeth, flossing, eating and drinking hot or cold may cause severe temporary pain in your teeth.

Avoid suffering sensitive teeth and find a smile. We propose effective ways to deal with this common problem.

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Home remedies for sensitive teeth
Home remedies for sensitive teeth

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Hidden causes

Sometimes the pain is caused by factors that are almost invisible to the naked eye: caries, a recently installed filling, a chipped or cracked tooth, or the side effect of a dental procedure, such as bleaching Teeth.

When sensitive teeth bother you, make an appointment with your dentist. He will be able to determine or exclude any underlying cause of tooth pain and may make the most appropriate recommendation.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: A desensitizing toothpaste

Sometimes, a store-based desensitizing toothpaste can help block the pain associated with sensitive teeth. Count several applications before getting desensitization of the sharp teeth. Most people notice an improvement in the next 7 to 10 days. Look for toothpaste with the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) seal that meets safety and efficacy criteria.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Fluoride

It is true that fluoride does wonder and that it can be an important part of your dental routine. The dentist could apply fluoride varnish to the sensitive areas of your teeth to strengthen the enamel and reduce the pain. It could also suggest the use of fluoride at home. Just opt for mouthwashes and fluoride toothpaste in store.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Application of a Resin

Occasionally, the dentist can treat root surfaces of exposed teeth by applying a protective bonding adhesive to sensitive areas. Your dentist will inform you if local anesthesia is required to perform this operation.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Grafting of gums

If your pain comes from an area of the gingival recession were part of the root is cleared, a first membrane can be grafted to fill the gum shortage. This delicate procedure promotes regeneration of the gum, protects the heart previously exposed and decreases the sensitivity of the tooth.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Canal treatment

If your sensitive teeth still cause significant pain even after treatments, your dentist may recommend a root canal treatment, a procedure used to treat hypersensitized dental pulp problems that have passed the stage of no return. While this treatment may seem imposing, it is considered the most efficient technique to eliminate dental sensitivity. It must be used with certain reservations, as it is final.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Toothbrush with Soft Bristles

To clean your mouth without damaging your teeth and gums, we recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush. If you avoid rubbing with the vigor you scour your pans, you will be able to keep the enamel of your teeth in the best condition possible.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Avoid acidic foods and beverages

Consider limiting acidic foods and beverages and you will avoid grimacing pain at each meal. Acidic foods and beverages can increase dental erosion and sensitivity. It is recommended to consume with moderation soft drinks or diet, citrus, tomatoes, tea, wine (especially white) all of which can remove small amounts of tooth enamel over time.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: The straw thing: you had to think about it

When drinking acidic fluids, use a straw to limit the contact of the liquid with your teeth. After eating or drinking an acidic substance, drink milk or water to balance the acid content in the mouth.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Nocturnal Tooth Grinding

If you grind teeth at night, ask your dentist if you should wear a protective gutter (also called an occlusal plaque) to protect the teeth during sleep. Teeth grinding can cause teeth cracking and sensitivity.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Good dental hygiene

Nevertheless, if you believe you can do everything for the health of your teeth without being able to bite into a cold and crisp apple, you should consult a specialist. It will assess the quality of your care and help you determine how to alleviate the sensitivity of your teeth. Good dental hygiene prevents your gums from shrinking and, as a result, generating dental sensitivity.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth: Last Flash Advisory

Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating or drinking an acidic substance. Indeed, acidic foods and beverages soften the enamel and make it more vulnerable to erosion during brushing.

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