How to de-inflammate the gums


How to de-inflammate the gums

One of the most common diseases is inflammation of the gums which, technically, is known as gingivitis. This is a periodontal disease that occurs when the plaque you have on your teeth mixes with the bacteria that come from our saliva or residue that we put in the mouth, and this causes the gums to become infected and sick, ignite.

There are home remedies and tips that will help you lower the inflammation and on everything. How we want to let you know them; This is why in this article we explain how to de-inflammation the gums in a straightforward and practical way.

How to de-inflammate the gums
How to de-inflammate the gums

Instructions :

1.One of the most efficient methods to de-ignite the gums is using tea tree oil. This natural ingredient has an antibiotic property that works perfectly to treat inflammation, so you should pour some tea oil into a glass of water, mix and make mouthwash before washing the teeth.

2.The salt also works very well to de-ignite the gums as it helps to disinfect the area and therefore eliminate the inflammation. To do this, you must add a little salt in a glass of water and mix well to try to dissolve it to the maximum; When done, you will have to make mouthwashes with this solution keeping the water in your mouth for at least 30 seconds.

3.The lemon juice is also an excellent natural remedy to treat inflamed gums. For this you only need to take a lemon and squeeze it naturally, then you have to mix it in a glass with lukewarm water and make mouthwashes each time you wash your teeth in the day. In a short period, you will see how your gums will get better.

4.The honey is also used to désenflammer gums because it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so it will help eliminate the infection in the area and reduce inflammation. The best way to make a home remedy is to apply a little honey to the gums, after each brushing by performing a light massage.

5.Besides realizing these natural remedies, it is recommended to put into practice a series of tips that will help you to unlighten the gums and improve the health of your mouth.

  • Add vitamin C to your diet. It is important, for optimum oral health, to consume foods rich in vitamin C because it has an antioxidant property and helps to repair the tissues.
  • Take care of your oral hygiene. It is important to brush your teeth after each meal and use the floss and/or mouthwashes; So you will eliminate any bacteria that might accumulate in your mouth.
  • Do not smoke. For your gums to be healthy, it is important to stop smoking as tobacco increases the risk of suffering from diseases in the mouth because of the toxicity of the inhaled smoke.
  • Less stress. Excessive stress causes dental plaque to accumulate in larger amounts, making it easier to suffer from gum inflammation. To reduce stress, it is recommended to practice relaxation techniques, exercises like yoga or meditation work to perfection.


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