10 Nutrition Tips for Getting Great Teeth


10 Nutrition Tips for Getting Great Teeth

Good oral hygiene is essential to prevent cavities, have a beautiful smile and stay healthy. In addition to regular brushing, here are ten good food reflexes.

10 Nutrition Tips for Getting Great Teeth
10 Nutrition Tips for Getting Great Teeth

I slide chewing gums without sugars in my bag

When brushing is not possible after a solid or liquid diet, chewing gum for at least 20 min reduces the risk of decay by boosting the action of saliva.

The latter exerts a double protective effect on the teeth since it contains both bicarbonates that neutralize acid attacks and minerals that remineralize the enamel. To read also: Bicarbonate, a formidable antacid remedy.

I choose cheese rather than dessert

In addition to avoiding the sugars in fruits, pastries, ice cream … responsible for the formation of cavities, we also consume casein, which has an anti-arousal effect.

Attention, cheese does not mean yogurt: the lactic acid contained in the latter has rather tend to attack the enamel of the teeth!

I eat only meals

Nibbling, even small amounts of food do not allow time for saliva to exercise its buffering and remineralizing role.

Especially if these foods are sweet, even the fruits: better consume them as part of meals.

I quench my thirst with water

Acids and sugars, sodas (even light), energy drinks, flavored waters, fruit juices … not only promote caries formation and demineralization of the enamel but also cause dental erosion which induces hypersensitivity to Cold and warm.

I prefer bread well-cooked bread

The softer food is, the more it sticks to the teeth and promotes the proliferation of the bacteria causing cavities.

Chewing well is also important to produce enough protective saliva. So, we also prefer the steak with chopped steak, the apple with the compote …

I prefer natural foods

Most processed foods contain hidden sugars, even salted ones. So you avoid prepared meals, crisps, breakfast cereals, milk desserts, cakes, and biscuits …

Add to candies; I opt for those “without sugars.”

The “false” sugars contained in sweets belonging to the polyol family have the peculiarity of not being cariogenic.

I panache teas and herbal teas

The tannins of the tea generate a deposit on the teeth, responsible in the long term for brownish spots. To avoid them, one avoids to drink all the day, and one prefers the tisanes. Moreover, of course, we do not sugar them.

I use fluoridated salt

This mineral actively strengthens the teeth and protects them from caries by integrating with the enamel in formation. It is also found in fish, pulses and certain mineral waters ( Badoit, Vichy ).

Trap Drugs Traps!

Some, such as cough syrups (especially those for children), throat lozenges or homeopathic granules, can promote the formation of caries because they contain sugar!

Better, therefore, choose their versions without sugar or take them before brushing your teeth.

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