6 Foods to Improve Your Dental Health


6 Foods to Improve Your Dental Health: It is possible to rely on what you eat to have the mouth healthier. When you do not have a toothbrush at your fingertips, rely on certain foods to maintain your oral hygiene.

6 Foods to Improve Your Dental Health
6 Foods to Improve Your Dental Health

Foods that promote your mouth’s hygiene

The food we eat to feed us can do good to our teeth; On the other hand, sticky or sugary food particles help the bacteria of the mouth to produce acids which, in turn, promote tooth decay. That is why it is so important to have clean teeth between meals.

“Twenty minutes after eating, nothing is more effective than toothbrushing and flossing,” says Julie Linzel, a dental hygienist in Charlottetown. However, if it is not possible to brush your teeth after eating, there are other ways to clean your mouth. Moreover, believe it or not, some of these ways require you to eat. Here are six foods that can promote the hygiene of your lips.

1. Apples, carrots, and celery

These vegetables are not known as dental detergents for no reason. Crisp fruits and vegetables promote salivation and give freshness to your mouth. Simply see that the fruits you choose to eat between meals are not acidic because they could damage the enamel of your teeth.

2. Cheese or milk

The acid contained in the foods you eat can gnaw at your teeth. However, several dairy products neutralize the buccal acid. A glass of milk or a piece of cheese calm the hunger; “They fill your appetite, and the sugar in the milk does not promote tooth decay,” says Dr. Ron Smith, president of the Canadian Dental Association and dentist in Duncan, BC.

3. Raw onion

Slide a slice or two of onion into your sandwich. Research at a Korean university has shown that raw onion has potent antibacterial properties. During one of these investigations, the onion destroyed four strains of bacteria likely to cause dental caries and gum disease. Needless to say, after eating raw onion, your breath is enough to repel everyone!

4. Cashew nuts

The oil contained in the nuts cashew has antimicrobial properties and acts against the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Not only do these nuts help keep your teeth clean, but they can also purify your complexion – research has indeed shown that cashew nut oil helps to destroy one of the bacteria that cause acne.

5. Wasabi

Are you a sushi fan? You now have a real reason to let yourself go to your passion. The wasabi that usually accompanies sushi can be beneficial to the health of the mouth. Research done in Japan has shown that this green and spicy cousin of horseradish can prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

6. Water

Wash your mouth with water: it can clean your teeth. The water you swirl in your mouth is as useful as a mouthwash to dislodge the bacteria. If you want to lose weight, this is another good reason to befriend you with water. Between meals, a drink or two of water can give you the impression that you have a full belly.


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