7 bad habits that deteriorate the teeth


7 bad habits that deteriorate the teeth

From childhood to adulthood, many daily habits damage our teeth without our being aware of it. What does it take to get used to keeping your teeth healthy?

To keep your teeth healthy, it is not enough to brush them twice a day. Some little fads that seem natural to us can do damage to our teeth.

7 bad habits that deteriorate the teeth
7 bad habits that deteriorate the teeth

The point with Dr. Jacques Wemaere, dental surgeon, deputy secretary general of the French Union for Oral Health.

  1. The teeth do not replace a pair of scissors: you can not open a sachet or break a nut. Do not use your teeth to do so. You risk crushing them or even breaking them. Since the enamel is no longer protected, the risk of caries is increased, as is the risk of cracks or fractures.
  2. Perching on the tongue is a practice to be forgotten: this fashion that particularly appeals to young people is strongly discouraged. The piercing, whether on the tongue or the lips, increases the difficulties of chewing, promotes bleeding and infections. Now, the mouth is home to several million bacteria! The piercing also helps the pain, tingling. The ball or the clasp of the piercing, rubbing on the teeth, can crack, fracture the bare, or change their position.
  3. To each his glass is better: sharing his drink with his child, his spouse is not a good idea. Many bacteria are transmitted through the mouth and can promote caries.
  4. The thumb or pacifier ideally surrenders to three years: a child who sucks his thumb or pacifier prevents his tongue from leaning against the palate to stimulate its growth. As a result, the palate is narrow and the jaws developing around an obstacle can create abnormal space between the top and bottom teeth.
  5. It is better not to be addicted to alcohol, tobacco, or narcotics: according to the addition, there is a drying of the mouth which favors caries and gum disease, which can go as far as the loss of teeth. Changes in saliva can also lead to the development of oral cancers.
  6. Nibbling attacks tooth enamel: eating fatty and sugary products between meals promotes acid secretions that attack tooth enamel and increase the risk of caries.
  7. To brush your teeth at night is essential: at night, saliva production decreases. The latter neutralizes acid attacks that occur when eating. So, even if you are tired and want to lie down quickly, you have to take the time to brush your teeth for two minutes.

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