Best dental floss to use


Best dental floss to use: Flossing, or as it is called thread – this thread is specifically designed to clean the spaces between teeth. Each human tooth has five surfaces, and each of them needs regular cleaning.

Best dental floss to use
Best dental floss to use

If we only use a toothbrush, then only allowed 3 of the 5 surfaces of the tooth, it happens because, until That the two surfaces of the tooth is just impossible to reach with a toothbrush, and therefore can not be completely removed from the spaces between the teeth, food debris and is formed of plate.This may be the cause of formation Tartar, gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

Most modern tool for cleaning between the teeth, or they are appropriately called interproximal surfaces is now over.On the question of the frequency of the use of dental opinions differ, some people believe that you must use it regularly, After each meal, while another commandment was flossing once a day, during the evening of hygiene, just before the sleep.In any case, the evening floss most optimal to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth during the night.

Children from the age of eight can start over, first, of course, under the supervision of adults.

Do not underestimate the tremendous importance for teeth preservation and oral health associated with the use of floss. The pathogen plate

Formed in the majority is between the teeth, and in the same place at the junction of the gums to the “regulated” teeth and the broad tartar, which ruthlessly destroys the teeth. Flossing, cleaning the spaces between teeth, removes leftover food from there, not allowing to reach the bacteria in the pockets of the gums and preventing their reproduction.

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Best dental floss to use: How to use floss

In fact, difficulty is only the first time the use of floss. The same procedure is still quite simple – a skein of wire is needed to tear 20-30 centimeters, which must be wound on the indexes of both hands so that the distance between the fingers remains several centimeters.This portion of the wire and the need to clean interdental spaces, insert it between its teeth.

To clean the lateral surfaces of the teeth need to take grasp the tooth thoroughly. Precautions must clean the areas around the gums themselves, that you can hurt them. Usually, what happens but only the First applications later, such as skill development, this problem disappears.

Best dental floss to use: What are dental floss

good to know that not all flossing the same, they are separated according to what the problems are designed to meet and what kind of teeth “to work.”

Also, vary in cross-section strand, they are flat and round. It is not difficult to guess that the round net (those in which the section – a circle) are designed for people with a relatively large gap between the teeth.Plat like silk Dental for those whose teeth are tight enough against each other.

Themselves by sections Regardless flossing can be as wax treated (waxed) and untreated (unwaxed).The filaments impregnated with wax; dentists recommend that those who are just learning to use a medium Oral hygiene to give teeth to get used to the purification procedure. Waxed bottles do not separate at the initial stage and are easier to use. However, wire not impregnated with wax, in contact with the surface Much larger tooth because of laminate, separated into fibers.Nonwire waxed more effectively remove plaque particles and food.

There is unique dental floss which has been purified by prostheses, orthotics, and orthodontic plate. These filaments are designed for distinct and different applications of conventional. One end of such a yarn and divided into a plurality of fibers, for A better purification of problem areas, and the other, on the contrary, a narrow and flexible for cleaning their teeth.

Flossing can have a therapeutic and preventive orientation, and be impregnated with medicines that are used to strengthen the enamel, prevent cavities.Also, after the application of strands impregnated with the mouth remains a pleasant aftertaste.

Best dental floss to use: Dental floss

Can be impregnated with a solution of sodium fluoride, which strengthens the tooth enamel, chlorhexidine having disinfectant properties.It can also be used, fruit or berry flavors, for better use of the filament.Typically bristles

Are available in individual boxes, are wound on a coil in an amount of up to 50 m. These boxes are equipped with a tear thread for first convenience cutting and lid. Also on sale is the wire that wound on small operators, such as a sling, they are compact and easy to carry with you.To date, Has developed a new form of flossing issue – disposable ready-to-use segments in individual envelopes, 15, 30 or 45 pieces per pack.

However, despite the apparent ease of use and usefulness of flossing absolute, before its regular use is necessary to consult your doctor – dentist, as there are cons-indications to the use of dental floss .For example, if you had periodontitis or periodontal active, when these diseases were flossing intermediates.In this case, the use of it can cause bleeding or injury in the presence of dentures.Also caries, Consultation With a specialist is needed, and those who wear crowns or bridges, to avoid unexpected consequences.

Flossing should be used as a complement to the use of toothpaste or gel. While flossing is an important part of oral care but in any case not replace the traditional use of the toothpaste, but complete.

When used properly, dental floss result will not take long to wait. You can get rid not only of bad breath but also the threat of tooth decay and gum disease.

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