Coconut oil for teeth whitening: PROTECT & WHITEN YOUR TEETH .


Coconut oil for teeth whitening: PROTECT & WHITEN YOUR TEETH.

You know it: coconut oil has interesting properties for your skin, your face, for your hair …

However, have you ever tried coconut oil to cleanse and protect your mouth, whiten your teeth and even fight bad breath? So to use coconut oil to have teeth on top, here is a complete article!

Coconut oil for teeth whitening: PROTECT & WHITEN YOUR TEETH.
Coconut oil for teeth whitening: PROTECT & WHITEN YOUR TEETH.


Imagine coconut oil in your mouth: it seems odd to you, maybe even disgusting? Yes, but now, the antibacterial benefits of coconut oil are such that the oil will directly attack the most common bacteria in your mouth, including streptococci. On each of your teeth, there are several thousand bacteria that regularly attack your tooth enamel. To act and to fight against its bacteria, it is one of the essential points to avoid maximum caries and other oral infections.

Lauric acid, naturally present in high doses in coconut oil, is a particularly useful antibacterial agent for your teeth. By fighting against dental plaque, coconut oil will usually reduce the risk of inflammation of the gums, gingivitis or bad breath. The lauric acid acts more specifically on the bacterium Streptococcus mutans, the bacterium responsible for the appearance of tartar.

In one study, researchers at the Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) in Ireland found that coconut oil completely prevented the growth of bacteria. In other words, when coconut oil is in your mouth, bacteria cannot grow! To learn more about this study and its findings, you can article this article: AIT researchers show coconut oil could fight tooth decay.

Note finally that coconut oil is lipophilic, that is to say, it attracts and retains other fats contained in your mouth; these other fats themselves contain toxins that must be eliminated. So it will be enough to spit coconut oil to get rid of as many bacteria, toxins and other fungi naturally present in your mouth!



The technique of oil pulling is simple: it is merely a mouthwash with coconut oil! Oil pulling means drawing oil: this draw involves circulating the coconut oil in your mouth for a certain amount of time! Using your tongue, you will move the coconut oil back and forth (and vice versa) so that your entire mouth is purified by the oil.

If the trick of oil pulling has been very popular in recent years, it does not have much new! Ancestral peoples like the Indians were already using this technique to purify their mouths durably, especially with sesame oil. What has changed since ancient times is that we now use coconut oil, which has more beneficial benefits for your oral hygiene? Everything else is ancestral and devilishly simple: mouthwash with oil to wash and protect your entire mouth!


Go, now that I have explained the theory to you, a place to practice! To make a mouthwash with coconut oil, it is not complicated, but you must follow the steps for maximum efficiency.

I advise you to do a daily mouthwash, for three weeks to 4 weeks. Take a picture of your teeth before the cure; in 3/4 weeks, a new photo will show you the evolution of your quotes! Personally, I do two whitening treatments each year, and I see real changes. I make mouthwash every night, before washing my teeth, and after a few days, this routine becomes a beauty habit.

To make a whitening mouthwash:

Melt about one tablespoon of coconut oil in a bain-marie (coconut oil melts at 25 ° C). No need to put more, it would be a mess!
Once the coconut oil is warm (and therefore liquid), put the coconut oil in your mouth and “squeeze” it regularly from front to back to touch all the mouth areas.
I advise you to keep the coconut oil at least 15 minutes in your mouth. I know, it can seem long! However, during this time, you can take a shower, take care of your hair, etc.
After 15 minutes, spit out the coconut oil, preferably in a small plastic bag that you will then put in the trash. As you know, coconut oil hardens at room temperature, and it should not clog a sink, your shower or your toilet because of coconut oil
Once this “intensive rinsing” is done, wash your teeth regularly.
NB: Avoid as much as possible to ingest coconut oil. If you happen to swallow a little, know that it does not matter, it is time to “take the plunge” and also adjust the dose of coconut oil: if you have trouble not to swallowing it is that you have just put too much! Consuming some coconut oil will not kill you since it is an edible oil, but you will also ingest the fats and bacteria stored by the oil … Bof blah!


A coconut oil mouthwash removes virtually all the bacteria in your mouth, including the bacteria that cause bad breath. Oil pulling helps to improve your breathing.

At the same time, coconut oil fights against the appearance of dental plaque and any caries. Also, mouthwashes with coconut oil attack, in the short and long-term, the stains on your teeth: yellow teeth, glues due to dental appliances, etc. Hence my advice to do daily mouthwashes for at least three weeks, it is essential to see how many “shades of white” you will have won!


In most mouthwashes sold in drugstore or supermarkets, there is chlorhexidine, an agent that fights against microbes. Now, the action of coconut oil in your mouth is similar to chlorhexidine, except that the oil attacks your gums a lot less.

Can we say that coconut oil is “better” than traditional mouthwash? No study has come to demonstrate this point. We can merely say that coconut oil is an excellent natural mouthwash and that no dentist will not advise you. Also remember (and this is a critical point), that coconut oil, like any mouthwash, does not replace a good brushing and healthy eating habits! Because yes, really, coconut oil will cleanse your mouth but do not abuse it anyway.


Since we are talking about brushing, and because some do not support coconut oil in their mouths, here are some tips for creating your coconut oil toothpaste! What to complement your mouthwash with coconut oil or merely enjoy a natural remedy for healthier teeth!


Take two to three tablespoons of coconut oil and heat everything in a bain-marie. Once liquid, add two teaspoons of baking soda ( where to find this product? ) And five drops of mint essential oil ( where to find this product? ) For a more pleasant taste. Mix everything until you get a smooth paste: here you have your homemade toothpaste 100% natural!

You can use this paste daily, in addition to a classic toothpaste, with or without fluoride. Coconut oil will cleanse your mouth and fight bacteria, as well as mint essential oil; the baking soda will dislodge small pieces of food stuck between your two. For a smile at the top.


You can use coconut oil as a base for your 100% natural toothpaste and try other “ingredients” that are particularly good for the health of your mouth! I advise you the following:

  • The baking soda, a mild abrasive that is essential to cleanse your teeth
  • The white clay, which absorbs bacteria and which has antiseptic
  • The turmeric powder which, mixed with the bicarbonate, whitens teeth durably
  • The essential oils of peppermint or clove, naturally anti-microbial and anti-pie

Here are some ideas for finding the homemade toothpaste that will suit you! My advice: use tiny quantities at the beginning to do “tests” and do not abuse essential oils, a few drops are enough to perfume the whole!

NB: it does not foam? Do not worry, it is normal! Home-made toothpaste made from coconut oil is not like those purchased commercially, but the lack of foam does not mean that toothpaste is ineffective! Know that the vast majority of organic toothpaste do not foam either! So for your toothpaste with coconut oil, do not worry, you will quickly get into the habit of washing your teeth without foam!


Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 32 Ounce
Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 32 Ounce

Personally, I use a single coconut oil, whether for my teeth, my hair or my skin. Of very high quality, this extra-virgin and 100% organic oil can also be used in cooking. I have never been disappointed with these properties, and its price is more than reasonable since a pot of 800 ml is sufficient for about a year of primary use! This oil is coconut oil The Body Source found only on Amazon at a very reasonable price. Non-hydrogenated oil, cold pressed and without any additive or preservative: at that price, I did not see better.

If you prefer to compare, you can also read my complete article on the different coconut oils and which one to choose (according to your needs and according to your budget!).

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