The dental jet, for a perfect oral hygiene


The dental jet, for a perfect oral hygiene

The dental jet is an apparatus for cleaning the teeth. Although not widely used, its use is recommended by dentists for an excellent dental health.

The dental jet, for a perfect oral hygiene
The dental jet, for a perfect oral hygiene

What is a dental jet?

The dental jet or hydro spray is a device used to maintain oral hygiene. It is inspired by the techniques of care employed in thermal cures. The device sends water jets on the gum and teeth. These jets of water perform a massage of the gum and remove the residues of food stuck in the teeth. This device is very useful to clean teeth and prevent the appearance of dental plaque and tartar.

It consists of a tank, a jet head, and a propulsion system. Some dental jets are equipped with a small station hosting several accessories.

What is the dental jet used for?

A brushing natural teeth are insufficient for a thorough cleaning of the mouth. Indeed the toothbrush can not reach all the parts such as the interstices between the teeth and the corners of the oral cavity. Moreover, a mere brushing of the teeth does not always allow to remove all the debris food housed on the gums and the teeth. The dental jet is used to clean food residues that have resisted the toothbrush. It thus limits the proliferation of bacteria and germs. The jet of water allows targeting all the recesses of the mouth inaccessible to the toothbrush. The dental jet is particularly useful for the prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis. The massaging effect of the jet on the gum also stimulates blood circulation.

The use of the dental jet is particularly recommended for young children who are still unable to brush their teeth, people with strong teeth or dental appliances, and adults over 40 with teeth that are fragile.

How to choose a dental jet?

There are a large number of dental jets. The choice must be made according to your real needs. For family use, choose a family station with several customizable nozzles for each member of the household.

Also, note that electric dental jets are more efficient than models that connect to the water supply and whose jet is propelled by the only pressure of it. The latter lack power and are not effective enough to remove food residues. Caution, a dental jet driving a jet too powerful can cause lesions in the mouth. The best is to opt for a dental jet whose propulsion is adjustable.

Despite its high effectiveness in cleaning teeth and preventing periodontal disease, the dental jet can not replace the action of the toothbrush, particularly the electric toothbrush, which is particularly effective. This is a complement for better oral hygiene.


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