5 foods your dentist does not eat


Five foods your dentist does not eat: We all know that sugar is the number one enemy when it comes to our oral health, but other foods can be just as harmful. Find out what your dentist is avoiding at all costs.

5 foods your dentist does not eat
5 foods your dentist does not eat

1. Biscuits, sweets, and sodas

Sucrose, which we know in the form of powdered sugar, is the primary cause of decay. It is certain that sugary foods are the first to avoid for healthy teeth.

2. Bread and cereals

Starchy foods also play a significant role in decay. When starchy starches mix with amylase, an enzyme in saliva, an acid bath is formed which erodes the enamel and makes teeth more prone to decay and dental cavities and may even cause bleeding gums. If the starch remains in the mouth, the acid bath is prolonged, and the damage increases.

3. Coffee

All acidic foods change the pH of the mouth and this great cavity. What is meant by acid food? The sugar associated with caffeine is the primary aggressor. This means that all sodas containing caffeine, energy drinks and sweet coffees and teas are great caries creators.

4. Dried fruits

Watch out for sticky food! Dried fruits are dangerous to the teeth because they are very sweet and stick to the teeth. Even unsweetened fruit juices can be bad for teeth: they are acidic and contain high levels of simple sugars.

Take rather fresh fruit, such as apples. Fresh fruits, which are both sweet and sour, cause less problem because mastication stimulates the production of saliva. Now the saliva decreases the acidity of the mouth and cleans the food particles.

5. Muffins and cupcakes

Small snacks have disastrous effects on your teeth that persist for three hours. This is the duration of the change in the pH of your mouth and the length of time that bacteria have any time to create plaque and attack the enamel of your teeth.

To prevent these disastrous effects, you have the choice of the means to drink a glass of water, brush your teeth, chew gum or use a good mouthwash: so many gestures that can clean your mouth and avoid Dental damage.


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