How do you brush your teeth correctly


How do you brush your teeth correctly: Oral hygiene begins at a young age and with proper brushing. Nothing simpler and less expensive can limit visits to the dentist to the bare minimum. Indeed, if this aspect is neglected, to have good dental health is impossible. The difference in results between existing properly brush your teeth and do evil is so great that many people going to the dentist and learned that they have cavities say “yet I brush my teeth every day” but They certainly do not do it properly.

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How do you brush your teeth correctly
How do you brush your teeth correctly

Which toothbrush and toothpaste to choose?

For starters, forget the brushes with hard teeth. Gentle brushes brush and scratch: this is what we need because good brushing also includes the gums, the inside of the cheeks and the tongue, places where the hard models are much less efficient than the soft ones, causing Sometimes troublesome damage in this area.

If you want to optimize cleaning your teeth, actually removing plaque and accumulated dirt and significantly improve the health of your teeth, then the best alternative is to opt for an electric toothbrush because it Cleans much better than manual toothbrushes, which will help keep your teeth in good condition longer.

Second, buying a good toothpaste is a good idea. It is true that they cost a little more, but the cost of visiting the odontologist added to the care is worth spending more in a toothpaste tailored to your needs. If you suffer from dental sensitivity or for example you want to whiten your teeth, choose the proper toothpaste.

How do you brush your teeth 

To learn how to brush their teeth, we must first focus on the space between the gum and the tooth because it is an essential place where accumulates a significant amount of plaque that eventually ignite Gum and sometimes cause disease. This is why you should try to introduce the filaments of the brush by moving them gently; This process should be performed throughout the mouth and last about one minute. Rather than using the brush itself for this task, you can use dental floss, recommended for one of the three daily brushing needed.

Then we need to clean the teeth in general; It is a good idea to start with the top internal, then external. We then pass to the lower inner part and then to the visible part. When the teeth are clean, we brush the inside of the cheeks, gums and tongue.

How to have healthy, white teeth

In addition to knowing how to brush your teeth, consider some tips to keep them healthy is also important. We give below some useful tips:

  • Do not brush your teeth more than four times a day for brushing teeth too will decrease the natural protection of enamel, increasing the possibility for cavities in the future.
  • Wash your teeth after every meal: respecting the previous rule, the best time to do this is after every meal. It is of particular importance always to brush your teeth after dinner because, during the hours of sleep, your mouth will go a long time without cleaning, which can cause tooth decay and plaque formation if you do not take proper care before going to bed.
  • If you like chewing gum, chew those in xylitol: Several chewing gums sold commercially for cavities and containing xylitol, a substance “imperceptible” that inhibits the growth of bacteria that damage the enamel and the teeth. So if you like chewing gum, attach importance to it.

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