How to avoid yellow teeth


How to avoid yellow teeth

Everyone would love to have beautiful naturally white teeth, but over the years our teeth become yellow for various reasons, from a lack of oral hygiene to a poor diet. This problem has a simple solution; you just have to be proactive.

We explain to you how to avoid yellow teeth by following some tips.

How to avoid yellow teeth
How to avoid yellow teeth

Instructions :

1.As you age, the teeth lose their whiteness. This process can also be favored if you have poor oral hygiene, poor diet or taken bad habits like smoking or drinking too much wine.

2.The first step for your teeth to remain white is to brush them after each meal. Brushing removes leftover food and prevents the build-up of plaque and tartar. Use dental floss to remove food residue stuck between teeth and make mouthwashes. The mouthwash will help you to have whiter teeth, by eliminating the bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath.

3.If you have no dental prosthesis or it is in an inconspicuous place, you can use a whitening toothpaste. It is important to know that these products, as indicated in their instructions for use, are effective on naturally white teeth. If your teeth are very yellow, you will need to use professional treatments

4.Foods such as soft drinks, tea, wine, coffee, chocolate and refined sugar-rich products, such as biscuits and cakes, tend to stain teeth, which turn yellow in the medium term. Do not remove them from your diet, but consume these products in moderation and wash your teeth after drinking them, whenever possible. Similarly, it is recommended to brush your teeth right away after eating.

5.The nicotine present in cigarettes leads to the progressive staining of the teeth. People who smoke a lot and who have poor oral hygiene end up with yellow teeth stained with black. The best way to avoid this is to quit smoking, a decision that will also benefit your health.

6.Take care of your teeth to prevent the appearance of cavities. Your teeth may be yellow and pitiful due to cavities. It is up to you to take steps to make your teeth whiter.

7.Go to your dentist every six months for a deep dental cleaning. Even if you have good dental hygiene (which is not the case for the majority of us), tartar builds up in hard-to-reach places. Scaling is essential to prevent your teeth from becoming yellow, plaque and bacteria from accumulating and decaying. Scaling also helps fight halitosis.

8.If your teeth are very yellow, you can consult a specialist and ask for a professional whitening treatment. The cost of treatment can be high, but for many people, it is the ideal aesthetic treatment to solve this problem and have a bright smile again.


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