How to brush your teeth with braces


How to brush your teeth with braces: Today, many young people to correct the malocclusion, as well as to align the dentition put braces. For such a system as possible to fulfill its function and premature “is not out of order,” its need to take Load correctly.

How to brush your teeth with braces
How to brush your teeth with braces

How to brush your teeth with braces, the patient tells his doctor-orthodontist. Moreover, this is one of the key elements of successful treatment. For non-compliance recommendations in the mouth are constantly chunks of food, teeth are covered by the coating, the decay develops and collar changes color. All this threatens to prematurely remove the support system which would not only cancel the positive results all have obtained but also to “knock on the door. Because it is necessary to install new supports.

Temporary injunctions

Before treatment, the patient’s doctor warns that there are some limitations for the duration of the wearing of the system, which must necessarily adhere.

What can not you do if in the oral cavity are installed braces?

  • Eat food that can stick to the structure or get stuck between its elements.
  • Use reliable products that can damage the support system.
  • Eat ice cream and all that it contains ice.
  • Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, together. They should be pre-cut into small pieces.
  • Drink drinks, in which are abundantly natural dyes present (e.g., coffee, wine).
  • Chew gum.

The basic rules of dental care in the presence of braces

Oral hygiene – it is part of the treatment with the use of braces. There are general provisions, which should adhere to:

  • Increases the toothpaste, that except for the latter should also be cleaned and braces.
  • A minimum number of cleanings per day – 3 times. Moreover, every time to do it is at least 10 minutes.
  • Pay particular attention to interdental spaces and do our best to clean them.
  • We use toothpaste with the high content of calcium and fluoride.It will saturate the tooth tissue, and mineral strengthen enamel.To
  • To maximize own hard-to-reach areas, use dental floss. If the plan holds a visit to the restaurant, you must be prepared in advance (bring your special toothbrush or floss).
  • Do not leave your mouth after a meal without leaving more than 15 minutes, because after that time, start to break down the food residue.Also, stuck outside between the elements of a room support system can “Play” is not in your favor.

How to brush your teeth with braces?

  1. The first thing to do – remove loose items (gum, traction).
  2. Then proceed to the cleaning of the upper jaw.This is done by a horizontal movement along a system of support of the established arc (outside).We do the same thing with the lower jaw.
  3. Then, using a single beam brush to clean the braces, the hooks begin to clean, gum groove, basal area.
  4. Next to “get” under construction at the arc, use the brush. This movement must be rotary, alternate.
  5. After brushing our teeth as usual.
  6. Floss Everywhere

While flossing may seem like a hard task to do with braces, you need to. Be done regularly. You can floss daily, Packers (threads on a stick) or you might consider a water flosser.

After use, the toothbrush is to continue cleaning or flossing Yorshik. Floss is passed between the teeth and gently move up and down along the side surface, which captures the area under the gum. When used properly, flossing in your mouth should not remain particles of food.

After cleaning, it is desirable to rinse the mouth with warm and diluted water to flush fluoride. Brushing your teeth is the best toothpaste with a high content of calcium and fluoride. These substances are necessary to strengthen teeth enamel, which during orthodontic treatment is most vulnerable to bacteria.

Professional cleaning of teeth in the dental clinic must also get into the daily life of people wearing braces.

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7.Using Mouthwash

Using mouthwash will also help eliminate food and plaque between your teeth and splints. Make sure to mouthwash which expressly states that it helps to get rid of gingivitis.


Then we teach you how to brush your teeth with supports so that you keep good oral hygiene.

How to brush your teeth with braces: Instructions

Teeth braces teeth with braces need to be disinfected after every meal you do. Bacteria and food debris accumulate in orthodontic devices quickly, so it is necessary to eliminate them from there to prevent oral diseases such as tooth decay and bad breath.

Do several rinses with hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda; it succeeds in removing the bacteria from the oral cavity and the brakes.

Using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste brushing the part that is between the brackets and the gum and then the bottom of the device, always gently in circular motions. Repeat with bottom teeth.

Brush holders in a smooth motion that is directed from top to bottom. (To do this, hold the brush vertically). Have about ten times each.

Place the brush horizontally and gently cleans the hooks.

Brushing the inside of all teeth and upper molars.

Use an interdental to properly clean the sides of the braces and wire brush.

Do not forget to use the silk between the teeth and the wire through the supports.

When you are done, use mint mouthwash to keep a fresh breath.

Choose a toothbrush

There is a special orthodontic toothbrush for braces. V-shaped cutout allows the bristles to reach inaccessible areas. Conventional toothbrush in this case, not suitable as can not actually clean the teeth parts, Whose elements are under construction, which in turn leads to the formation of dental calculus and dental diseases.

Electric toothbrush recently used.Through its use of a person can change the rotation speed, depending on the preference.Also, this brush is useful to control the tartar as its pulsating vibrations have a softening effect and rotating stone movement Removed.

Regular medical examination

Even not always care the most thorough and clean to avoid trouble. For example, teeth wear braces because the plaque can occur, which can only be removed with a brush. In this case, the professional cleaning of the teeth represented, Which can be performed using ultrasound, laser radiation, chemical solutions. Orthodontists recommend doing this every 5-7 months.

Subject to simple rules for teeth care and support system, your teeth are in good condition, not only during treatment but also after its termination.

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