Mouthwash: is it good or bad


Mouthwash: is it good or bad

Taking daily care of your mouth is essential for good oral health. Every day we eat foods that can get caught between the teeth and in the gums. Sweet drinks can damage teeth, and some foods can cause cavities and infections.

Mouthwash: is it good or bad
Mouthwash: is it good or bad

This is why you should always brush your teeth after each meal with a toothbrush adapted to your mouth and toothpaste to meet your needs: for sensitive teeth, bleacher, anti-gingivitis, etc. Mouthwashes also appear as an excellent complement to brushing, but there is doubt as to whether it is good or bad. In this article of everything, we explain to you whether to use a mouthwash right or wrong.

Instructions :

1.The first thing to know about the mouthwash is that without prior teeth brushing, mouthwash is useless. Also, the mouthwash should last at least one minute.
If you use the mouthwash correctly, it will help you to have healthy teeth by eliminating the bacteria that can nest inside the mouth. It also allows having good breath leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness in the mouth. Mouthwashes are highly recommended for problems such as gingivitis, which they allow to disappear.

Knowing all this, we can say that it is not bad to use mouthwash, but that we must take into account some aspects. In fact, misuse of the mouthwash may cause problems.

2.A mouthwash containing alcohol should only be used once or twice daily. The alcohol dehydrates and dries out the mouth. Therefore, it can be utilized, but in moderation. Always check the product components before purchase.

3.In cases of gingivitis, we recommend mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine. For this type of mouthwash, you should use it whenever you brush your teeth for a month. Do not prolong treatment as spots may appear on the gums or tongue due to chlorhexidine. This is why you should always know which components and active ingredients of the product.

4.The mouthwash indicated for teeth whitening usually include baking. You should check if this is the case, and if so, the treatment will not last more than one month. Use this mouthwash once a day. The bicarbonate immediately bleaches the teeth, but can not be used daily. Therefore, if your teeth have regained their original color, you will have to stop treatment a few months before resuming it.
We explain here how to whiten teeth naturally.

5.The ideal, as a rule, is to use the mouthwash without alcohol. These do not dry out the mouth and can be utilized after each brushing of teeth. Also, it is easier to keep these mouthwashes in the mouth for one minute. It is preferable to use mouthwash twice a day (except for specific treatments) and change the brand every year so that the mouth does not get used to the treatment.


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