Philips Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite 710 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Reviews


Philips Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite 710 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Reviews

The best toothbrush for naturally whiter teeth

Everyone loves smiles of bright whiteness. Let the natural whiteness of your teeth burst. The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite HX6711 / 02 electric toothbrush has been shown to help remove stains in about two weeks, using the Clean and White mode.

Healthier gums and whiter teeth!

The Sonicare brush technology offers:

  • Optimal plaque removal ( 31,000 movements per minute )
  • An improvement in the condition of the gums (reduction of gingivitis)
  • Better access in difficult areas for thorough cleaning

Strong points

Ensures optimum cleaning

  • Thanks to the Philips Sonicare dynamic cleaning movement, the fluid is pushed between the teeth.
  • Eliminates up to 2 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Improves oral hygiene

  • The Philips Sonicare toothbrush helps your teeth regain their natural whiteness.

Helps you meet your dentist’s recommendations.

  • The 2-minute timer helps you stay within the recommended brushing time.
  • The Quadpacer timer at intervals promotes careful brushing.

Allows custom brushing.

  • Easy start function to get used to the Philips Sonicare system smoothly.
  • Clean and White Mode: proven efficacy to eliminate stains.

Whiter teeth (2 lighter tones in 2 weeks) Sonic technology reproduces the movement of manual brushing. It combines brushing with high-speed scanning and high-amplitude movement. Cleaning is carried out at depth and allows the interdental spaces and the gingival sulcus to be efficiently and smoothly reached.

To accustom your gums to this type of brushing, the brushing power will increase progressively during the first 14 uses.

Assisted use and white teeth!

Two brushing modes are available according to your needs:
Cleanliness: natural frequency and amplitude for maximum efficiency during 2 minutes.
The toothbrush stops automatically after 2 minutes (recommended brushing time by dentists).

It is equipped with a timer at intervals of 30 seconds to clean the four quadrants of the mouth in a similar way.

Cleanliness and whiteness: 2 minutes of regular brushing + 30 seconds of brushing with variable frequency and amplitude to bleach the front teeth.

A 2-color charge indicator is located on the body of the brush to warn you of the need to recharge the toothbrush.

Brushes that respect your teeth!

The ProResults brushes, with extra soft bristles that perfectly fit your teeth, follow the contours of the gingival-dentary line, allowing an efficient and profound cleaning with gentleness.

They exist in 2 sizes: Standard for a complete and mini cleaning for precise cleaning in difficult areas such as molars.

It is recommended to change the brush every three months.

This toothbrush comes with one standard brush and a charger with brush storage.

Guest Reviews

“Nothing to say: easy to use, pleasant and complete brushing. As with all electric toothbrushes, the disadvantage is the price of refills/brushes” By GENEVIEVE

“Very practical, a real gain regarding dental hygiene compared to a conventional brush. Better cleaning of teeth, hard-to-reach places, inter-dental spaces. All without effort. Very satisfied with this purchase which was recommended to me by my dentist!” By BOB
The HX6711 / 02, which uses sonic technology dear to Philips, was greeted by the rating of 4 stars at the end of our tests. Compared to the other technologies on the market, in particular, oscillon-rotating, it is gentler in use, closer to manual brushing by gesture, so perfectly adapted to people who start with electric brushing – all the more so Philips proposes a gradual increase in intensity of the vibrations during the first brushings, to get used to all smoothly.

The HealthyWhite HX6711 / 02 has a timer that stops brushing after 2 minutes and notifies the user every 30 seconds that it needs to change the quadrant. As for the second mode “Clean and White,” it lasts a little longer (2 min 30 s).

This model sold at a low price is sold with its charger but without additional accessories; It goes for example of the box of the voyage. The performance/price ratio is quite recommendable and this low price can be a good opportunity to get started without taking too many risks.


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