Why do the gums bleed?


Why do the gums bleed?

The gums bleed because they are irritated. Some people think that their gums bleed because they brush their teeth too suddenly or have made a false movement with the dental floss. It is unlikely that the teeth cleaning causes such bleeding. Inflammation and bleeding of the gums are often the signals of an oral or hematological pathology. To find out why the gums bleed continue to read this article from genf20guide.com

Why do the gums bleed?
Why do the gums bleed?

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1.The primary cause of gum bleeding is the accumulation of plaque around the edge of the gums, which causes inflammation or even bleeding of the latter, and is known as gingivitis. If you do not go to an odontologist for dental cleaning, the plaque accumulates and hardens until it turns into tartar, which promotes bleeding.

2.When plaque hardens and turns into tartar, it is the beginning of periodontal disease or periodontitis, which intensifies the frequency and flow of bleeding and that is capable of damaging the jaw bone. Many people have lost teeth because of periodontitis.

3.Leukemia is another possible cause of gum bleeding. When the body is affected by disease or significant hematological disorder such as leukemia or excess platelet production, it is common for the person concerned is a victim of bleeding of the gums. Control of hematological disease will be necessary to stop bleeding.

4.The use of anticoagulants can also cause bloody gums. Taking this type of medication makes the blood more fluid than usual, so it makes sense that in the case of inflammation or injury we notice that there is more blood than usual. This side effect fades when we stop taking these drugs.

5.The smoking is a primary cause of gingivitis and periodontitis, and may, therefore, be responsible for bleeding gums. Smoking, because of the heat produced in the mouth and the many chemicals of the cigarette, can easily irritate the gums. Stopping smoking reduces the risk of periodontal disease, mouth cancer, and pharynx.

6.A poor oral hygiene is also one of the leading causes of bleeding gums since it promotes the development of plaque and oral concretions. Proper brushing and the use of dental floss are recommended every day after waking up, after each meal and before going to bed. A person must go to the odontologist every six months for a complete dental cleaning.

7.Diabetes, birth control pills, misaligned teeth, poor diet, pregnancy and genetic causes are other possible explanations of bleeding gums. If it has been more than a month since your gums bleed, it is best to make an appointment with your odontologist.

8.If you want to know how can treat gum inflammation, check out our articles how to deal with painful gums and how to cure my gums.


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