How to keep whiten teeth after braces


How to keep a nice bite of the teeth after braces: According to experts, teeth after braces tend to move. Therefore, for better fixation and adjustment of teeth when already bite the correction is necessary to apply the relevant tools period

How to keep whiten teeth after braces
How to keep whiten teeth after braces

Retention – so called the time when you could leave the brackets and go to the next step – consolidating the results. Then we consider in more detail what activities need to realize that after wearing braces to keep nice bite Teeth

The teeth after braces: retention period

Recording result is no less important than correct occlusion of the teeth.That is why immediately after the active treatment with braces is important not to stop there. The reasons on which may depend on the duration of the period:
• Complexity of bite pathology;
• Characteristics according to the age of the patient;
• Harmful habits;
• Genetic predisposition;

Carrying the teeth after braces

Towards the end of the period of active treatment, orthodontist informs the patient about the need to continue the correction. More often this process takes at least two years. Teeth
After braces:

Retainers are there orthodontic appliances, the effect of which is intended to correct further and fix the teeth after wearing braces.Retainers are classified in removable and nonremovable odnochelyustnye or Multi. The choice of the device at this stage has Been a physician.Removable retention devices


  • Transparent silicone plugs; removable laminar devices
  • (Metal or plastic);
  • With more extensive disease Multi-purpose retention devices, they are not very practical to use, so that these devices are used exclusively for wear overnight;
  • Of a functional apparatus (bionatory activator).

To fix the teeth after braces, also used non-removable retention devices. Most often, the orthodontist attaches their fangs between the inner face of the teeth. This method is enthusiastically accepted by patients since the instrument is not Visible visually.

To achieve and maintain the beautiful aesthetic result, correction of the bite of the teeth after wearing braces, patients should not neglect the subsequent stage of treatment. Otherwise, years spent on it to fix the teeth to make the correct bite And beautiful can be wasted, and after accolades, pathological processes resume.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment after teething support systems depends primarily on the patient’s efforts and patience, which must visit the physician-orthodontist regularly and be interested in a positive outcome.

How Bleach Teeth After Braces

After years of wearing a device, there is an excitement that builds around them going down. Unfortunately, once your braces are removed, you may find that the area under the metal brackets is whiter than the enamel that surrounds them. Teeth whitening after you get your braces off can make the smile that you have undergone braces for brilliance, and there are some options that you can try to get brilliant results.

Things you need

  • Sensitivity toothpaste
  • Over-the-counter whitening kit
  • Hot water
  • Whitening strips


Ask your dentist to do a whitening in the office. This powerful whitening process, you are on the way to whiter teeth, and your dentist will provide you with a follow-up kit to continue treatment at home over the next two weeks. In many cases, dental insurance will not cover this expensive procedure, so choose to do it yourself with over-the-counter whitening kits is an alternative.

Test the sensitivity of your teeth before bleaching at home. After having your braces removed, you may find that your enamel is weaker. Bleaching teeth with weakened enamel can lead to even lower paint, ultimately resulting in severe tooth decay. If you have sensitive teeth, brush for at least two weeks with sensitive teeth toothpaste.

Evaluate the percentage of peroxide before buying a home bleaching kit. The higher the percentage of peroxide, the more powerful whitening kit. If the spots on your teeth are severe and you do not suffer from sensitivity, use a kit with the highest percentage available; If not, start at the lower end and work your way up a greater proportion over a period of three to four weeks.

Soak the whitening tray that comes with your whitening kit in hot water for three to five minutes and presses into your mouth to help shape your teeth.

Apply the bleach solution inside the whitening tray and insert it into your lips. Based on the type of kit and the power of the bleach, you can leave the tray in your mouth ranging from a few hours to one night. The longer you keep the bleach on your teeth, the faster you will see the results.

Try whitening strips. Some toothpaste companies now produce bleach strips with a little percentage of peroxide that can be molded right to your teeth twice a day for thirty minutes over a period of three weeks. Due to the low percentage of peroxide in these bands, the bleaching process may take longer but will be equally valid.

Tips and Warnings

Do not whiten your teeth while you are still wearing braces, or you may weaken the bond held by your braces to your teeth.

Do not bleach too much. Over-bleaching could result in permanent damage to your tooth enamel and gums.

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