Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Sonic Electric Electric Toothbrush, HX9112/16


Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Sonic Electric Electric Toothbrush, HX9112/16

For deep cleaning and protected gums, Philips has designed the FlexCare Platinum Electric Toothbrush with you!


  • Sonic brushing
  • Pressure sensor for gentle brushing
  • Deep Clean: For deep cleaning
  • Rechargeable – 3 intensity settings

The Philips electric toothbrush is used daily for visible plaque removal. This device has been manufactured to give you an optimal brushing and thus allow your teeth to recover their natural whiteness.

Sonic technology:

Sonic technology reproduces the movement of manual brushing. It combines brushing with high-speed scanning and high-amplitude movement. Cleaning is carried out at depth and allows the interdental spaces and the gingival sulcus to be efficiently and smoothly reached.
Thanks to the 31,000 movements per minute, the plaque between the teeth are eliminated (10 times more than with a manual toothbrush).

Three brushing modes, three settings:

For customized brushing, FlexCare Platinum has three cleaning modes:

  • Deep Cleaning: This mode allows 3 minutes of brushing to give you exceptional results. It is perfect for delicate areas.
  • Classic: for an excellent daily cleaning.
  • Whiteness: ideal to naturally remove stains and leave room for perfect whiteness.
    Also, depending on your preferences, you can adjust the intensity of the brushing according to 3 settings: low, medium or high.


On a daily basis, the Philips electric toothbrush can be used very easily. It has been designed to offer you an optimal brushing.
Thanks to the Quadpacer technology, you achieve a homogeneous brushing of all your teeth. Every 30 seconds, this device emits a beep to invite you to change the brushing area.
Together with the Smartimer timer, you can respect the brushing time recommended by 2-minute dentists.

Pressure sensor:

The Philips toothbrush contains a pressure sensor to preserve the health of your gums. As soon as you put too much pressure on your teeth, this device emits a vibration at the level of the handle to allow you to adapt your brushing.


It is rechargeable and has a battery life of up to 3 weeks.
A load indicator is located on the body of the brush to warn you of the need to recharge the toothbrush.


The Philips FlexCare Platinum electric toothbrush comes with a handle, an AdaptiveClean brush head, a standard InterCare brush head, a compact charger and a travel case to take it anywhere with you!


“Although expensive, this toothbrush is admirable and much more accurate than a standard toothbrush. The oral cavity is very well cleaned, and the teeth are very smooth.” By DID

“This toothbrush justifies its price by its look and a wide range of additional features due to incomprehensible directions for use. Otherwise, she brushes her teeth well.” By GEORGE

“Gentle and pleasant brushing. Easy to use. Autonomy correct.” By DENIS


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