Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.


Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.

The Philips Sonicare For Kids Connected Connected and Rechargeable Toothbrush is designed to take care of children’s teeth as young as three years in a playful and fun way via Bluetooth technology.

With sonic technology and educational tools to promote effective brushing, it eliminates plaque dental optimally.
Children have fun while learning how to brush their teeth correctly and independently!


  • Connected toothbrush for children – Sonic brushing
  • Bluetooth technology 4.0 – Compatible with iOS and Android – Free application
  • 31 000 movements/min – KidTimer timer and Kid paper
  • Eight stickers provided – Playful

Sonic Technology:

Sonic brushing technology is more efficient than a conventional manual toothbrush: it eliminates up to 75% plaque and more than a manual toothbrush.
It ensures optimal cleaning of your teeth and gums, even in hard-to-reach areas, and helps your teeth regain their natural whiteness.

It reproduces at a very high speed ( up to 31,000 movements per minute) and with a great brushing amplitude the sweeping motion from top to bottom recommended by dentists. It thus imitates the movement made with a manual toothbrush. Cleaning is carried out at depth and allows the interdental spaces and the gingival sulcus to be efficiently and smoothly reached.

Intelligent toothbrush:

The Philips Connected toothbrush for children is a smart Bluetooth toothbrush. It combines technology and playful brushing to improve the brushing of children while having fun with the main character Sparkly!

Brushing your teeth will be child’s play … With this ingenious toothbrush, your child will take pleasure in taking care of Sparkly as the brushes, the goal being to be rewarded (unlocking Accessories to personalize the hero of your kids, make him earn food …) and adopt the right gesture.

You can check the progress of learning with your child on a dashboard from your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android).

Bluetooth 4.0 technology:

As soon as the data is synchronized to your account by the wireless network, you find them on the dedicated mobile application (iOS and Android).
The application instantly transforms the dashboard into a playful and fun game.
This allows you to indicate their daily progressions to control the oral hygiene of your children.

Two brush modes:

Benefit from 2 brushing modes to adapt the power to the age and the autonomy of the child.

Mode 1: reduced power mode to teach children how to use the electric toothbrush.
Mode 2: High power mode for older, self-contained children.


It is rechargeable and has a maximum autonomy of 2 weeks for a full charge.
Also, it has charging indicators indicating the level of the battery.

KidTimer and KidPacer function:

These features encourage children to brush gradually and correctly the teeth for the 2 minutes recommended by dentists.

Thus, in the long term, children learn to adopt healthy habits of oral hygiene.
Also, when the application is used simultaneously, the child imitates the gestures made to brush each quadrant of his mouth and to increase the brushing time.


The Sonicare For Kids is supplied with eight interchangeable labels to allow children to appropriate the toothbrush and make it more playful.


Its grip is designed to help children as young as three years to brush their teeth properly without the help of parents.
The brush head is made of rubber to protect the teeth of children and perform a gentle cleaning.


The appliance comes with a handle, brush, stickers and a charger.

To guarantee optimal efficiency and perfect dental hygiene, remember to replace the brush head every six months.


“It happens that the connection does not happen but the problem is resolved very quickly. The brush is great. My daughter loves it and especially loves her new companion brushing. It takes a few minutes of games with him with each brushing; it is very nice!” By SOPHIE.


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