6 foods for beautiful teeth


6 foods for beautiful teeth
Some foods are beneficial to your teeth. From chewing gum to vegetables to cheese, round-up food safe for your smile.

6 foods for beautiful teeth
6 foods for beautiful teeth

Healthy teeth with food

A beautiful smile with healthy teeth that beautifies your face. However, it is not always easy to get there so many foods and drinks today can alter their color. The whitening at home, with a good product, or at the dentist is the only way to restore their shine, although a good professional cleaning can make many stains disappear. You can also decide to prevent rather than cure by choosing, in addition to whitening sessions and visits to the hygienist, foods that keep your teeth white.

Promising foods

Did we need more reason to eat vegetables? There she is. “Crunchy vegetables cleans the teeth mechanically by removing food debris from the teeth,” says Walter Vogl of Toronto. If you have less food debris in the mouth, you are less likely to see unsightly stains. So make ample supplies of carrots, celery, fennel, radishes, peppers and all those crunchy vegetables you like to nibble.

The benefits of chewing gum

Chewing gum has two advantages, says the Vogl dentist. It cleans the teeth mechanically by releasing food debris and stimulates salivation; Gold, saliva helps to neutralize the acid and remineralize the enamel of the teeth, “which strengthens the teeth. The Vogl dentist recommends sorbitol chewing gum for best results. “Sorbitol has an antibacterial therapeutic action that helps fight bacteria, a source of tooth decay. “But sweet chewing gum – if you do not find anything else – does not bother him too much. “The sugar it contains dissolves in a few minutes, after which it compares to a sugarless gum.

Cheese please

We are often ambivalent about cheese: we like it, but we hate its calories. The Vogl dentist has another good reason to appreciate it. “The cheese accelerates the neutralization of the acid and the remineralization of the tooth enamel,” he explains. The less damaged the paint, the less it stains. For example, “associating wine and cheese is a good idea,” he says. The wine is acidic and therefore bad for the teeth, and cheese fights this effect. Also, the cheese is rich in calcium and phosphorus, both excellent for health. So do not deprive yourself: it is the dentist who advises you!

Long live water

Is there something that water can not do? Of course, it does not whiten teeth like a bleaching agent, but it helps you keep your mouth healthy. “The neutralizing and remineralizing effects of saliva depend on the health of the salivary glands,” says the Vogl dentist; And by drinking plenty of water, you help to hydrate these glands.

Do you want to remember these tips easily?

Here’s a little trick. If you try to have teeth as white as possible without resorting to treatments, avoid darker, more acidic foods that stain your teeth and prefer light-colored foods that will keep you smiling dazzlingly.


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