Choosing the right toothbrush


Choosing the right toothbrush
Buying a toothbrush nowadays is like visiting a car showroom where all the models come together. How to make the right choice?

Choosing the right toothbrush
Choosing the right toothbrush

Each brush

Let’s start with the hairs of the brush. Their flat profile, wavy, curved or otherwise is a matter of personal preference. Dentists usually recommend a soft bristle brush that is more efficient against plaque and food debris and less hard on the teeth and gums.

There is also a choice of brushes properly so called (rectangular or thinned) and sleeves (different sockets and articulated heads). Here too, it is a matter of personal preference. Choose a toothbrush that you have in hand and whose brush is small enough to reach even the most remote teeth. ‘ If she is fat, you will have a hard time using it,’ says Euan Swan, director of dental programs at the Canadian Dental Association.

For those wearing orthodontic appliances, there are specialized toothbrushes that can reach difficult corners and penetrate beneath decks, making brushing more complete. (Talk to your dentist or dental hygienist.) Other brushes can be wrapped around the dental braces; What is essential, says dentist Bob Cram, a Red Deer orthodontist in Alberta and president of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, is that they fit between the splints and the gingiva.

” Do not give too much importance to the aesthetics of the toothbrush,” says Dr. Cram; The important thing is to brush where it is needed. ”


Should you adopt electric toothbrushes? They make tooth brushing less demanding and more uniform and allow oscillations and rotations that just can not be performed by hand note Toronto dentist Maryam Adibfar. They are ideal for people who, as a result of infirmity or lack of manual dexterity, have difficulty using a conventional toothbrush.

Are electric brushes more efficient than others? The Adibfar dentist only swears by them, but to use an analogy, think of a bad golfer who would buy a super golf club: it is a safe bet that his ball would nevertheless land in the woods. Whatever the strength of the electric or manual toothbrush, handle or luxurious bristles, stopwatches or feelers, the most important thing is the technique. Brush your teeth for two or three minutes using a gentle, circular motion to clean the entire surface of each of your teeth.

‘ If you put in the right time and brush your teeth properly,’ says the Swan dentist, any brush will give you satisfaction. ‘


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