How to Have a Good Breath


How to Have a Good Breath

Having bad breath is the fear of everyone, as it can happen to anyone. The cause can be a simple dental hygiene problem, but it can also be caused by various diseases and infections. Namely a gastric problem and one or more teeth damaged by decay. So is going to help you answer the question how to have a good breath.

How to Have a Good Breath
How to Have a Good Breath

Brush your teeth well

Good dental hygiene is the first step to having good breath. This will prevent caries and ulcers with teeth which are among others causing bad breath. So, brush your teeth at least twice a day taking your time well, at least 2 minutes according to the experts. During these 2 minutes, brush your teeth using your wrist so that it creates a repetitive vertical motion to your toothbrush (from top to bottom and then from bottom to top). This will remove leftover foods from the surface of your teeth and between them while whitening them.

Then, after brushing for 2 minutes, pass dental floss between your teeth to remove any remaining food residues. For it is the decomposition of this debris of food by the saliva which causes bad breath to appear, and those who are not decomposed will create caries.

Treat your diet

To have good breath, it is also critical to have a healthy and balanced diet. The goal is not to have gastric problems. Indeed, gastric backflows can make you have bad breath if you have a gastric disease (such as an ulcer ). So, try eating fruits and vegetables daily. These foods usually contain fiber, which will facilitate your digestion and prevent gastric diseases. Apart from this, also eat milk products at least every two days. Dairy products, such as yogurt, actually soften stomach acidity and also prevent gastric pains, especially if they are chronic.
Finally, drink water daily. Doctors advise at least eight large glasses of water per day. The water will clean your digestive tract and also facilitate intestinal transit. This will avoid constipation and gastric problems.

The classic solution: mint chewing gum

To have a real breath in the immediate (but not durably), there are of course perfect solutions. You can chew gum with mint among other things. However, be careful to choose those that are sugar-free. This is to avoid cavities. Moreover, the doctors even advise to chew it to have a healthy dentition. Also, before you get any, check with your pharmacist and make sure the chewing gum is sugar-free.


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