Why I always have dry mouth


Why I always have dry mouth

The dry mouth known in medical terms as xerostomia is the feeling experienced when salivary flow is reduced, making it impossible to keep your mouth moist. This generates a strong sense of discomfort among those who suffer from it and, although this condition may be due to transient causes, it is also possible that this is a sign of more serious medical problems.

Why I always have dry mouth
Why I always have dry mouth

For more details on this condition, in the following article from genf20guide, we answer the question: why I always have dry mouth.

Instructions :

1.You should first know that dry mouth or xerostomia occurs when the salivary glands do not work properly and do not produce the flow necessary to keep the mouth moist.
It is essential to treat this condition because the saliva is much more important than what we think; Not only is it responsible for moistening the mouth, but it must also keep it healthy, so it prevents infections, protects teeth against cavities, helps the digestion process and makes it possible to chew and swallow the food.

2.One of the causes of temporary dryness of the mouth can be closely related to your daily habits. Do not forget that it is essential to stay well hydrated by drinking enough water per day. Similarly, smoking is a bad habit that also promotes dry mouth as it negatively affects normal saliva production.

3.Another factor that answers the question why do I have dry mouth may be the intake of certain medications. Some medications such as those prescribed to treat depression, high blood pressure, allergies, asthma, some anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle relaxants give rise to alterations in saliva production, which can create a sensation of dry mouth And throat.

4.Having dry mouth is one of the problems commonly encountered by many cancer patients. Indeed, chemotherapy causes this side effect because the drugs used to thicken the saliva and then make the mouth feel too dry. Similarly, radiotherapy applied to the area of ​​the neck or head may also affect the salivary glands and reduce the flow.

5.There are other diseases that are often the cause of having dry mouth. These include Sjögren’s syndrome, diabetes, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis and some of the psychiatric field such as depression, anxiety or anorexia nervosa. Therefore, if you notice that the sensation of dryness in the mouth is permanent, consult your doctor to determine the exact cause and eliminate the possibility of suffering from these pathologies.

6.Now that you know the most common causes that answer the question why do I have dry mouth, remember that this condition may be temporary, but it can also be the symptom of a more serious illness, So do not hesitate to consult a specialist? It is advisable daily to practice practices that help prevent dry mouth:

  • Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and other healthy beverages.
  • Breathe properly through the nose and not through the mouth, as this would aggravate the problem.
  • Keep your home environment moist through the use of vaporizers.
  • Avoid the consumption of coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, as they cause a dry mouth.


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